Popping Inflatables Poll

Here’s an oldie but goodie that’s been on the web now for a few years. It’s an eighteen question survey about popping inflatables, posted by someone named burstalottaloons in 2004. If you’d like to take the survey yourself, head on over to Misterpoll, otherwise enjoy the poll’s results below.


If you’re here, you must enjoy popping inflatables right?

Obviously (88%)
No, I’m here by mistake (12%)
238 total votes

What are your favorite inflatables to pop?

Beach Balls (23%)
Whales and dolphins (14%)
Swim rings (10%)
Air mattresses (10%)
Boats (7%)
Furniture (7%)
Pool Islands (6%)
Alligator Rafts (6%)
Other rafts (6%)
Cartoon Characters (4%)
Holiday Decorations (4%)
1325 total votes

How do you pop your inflatables?

Sit and Bounce till it explodes (27%)
Puncture (23%)
Overinflate (19%)
Jump till it explodes (11%)
Ride them into sharp rocks at the beach (7%)
Burn (6%)
Other (Please elaborate in comments) (3%)
888 total votes

Sorry I forgot this earlier, but Male or Female?

Male (84%)
Female (16%)
373 total votes

I also forgot this earlier, Age…

18-20 (20%)
21-25 (19%)
26-30 (14%)
31-35 (12%)
36-40 (9%)
13-15 (8%)
41-50 (8%)
16-17 (5%)
51-60 (1%)
60+ (0%)
372 total votes

How many inflatables do you pop in a “session”?

1-2 (56%)
3-5 (21%)
20+ (11%)
6-10 (7%)
11-20 (2%)
403 total votes

Do you think the inflatables you buy in the stores are too hard to pop?

Never (51%)
Sometimes (40%)
Always (7%)
394 total votes

Do you also pop balloons in addition to inflatables?

Never, they pop to easy (45%)
Sometimes (26%)
Always (10%)
More balloons than inflatables (8%)
Depends on the availability of inflatables (7%)
401 total votes

Have you ever popped someone elses inflatable?

No, I couldn’t do that (33%)
I’d like to, but am afraid to (26%)
I have, and what a rush it was (26%)
Yes, they were aware and agreed to it (8%)
I have, and I got caught (4%)
420 total votes

Where do you pop your inflatables?

Home, in the bedroom (38%)
Home, in the basement (13%)
Home, in the pool (10%)
Beach (7%)
Home, in the yard (6%)
Someone elses house (6%)
Hotel/Motel (4%)
Public Pool (4%)
Car (3%)
Park (3%)
844 total votes

Have you ever popped a room full of inflatables?

No, to expensive (42%)
If I ever get the chance, I’d drive cross country for it (26%)
Yes, it was amazing (19%)
I’m not that into popping them (11%)
394 total votes

Do you think the manufacturers know some people buy their inflatables just to pop them?

They don’t care, as long as they make a sale (71%)
They’ve probably never even heard of it (19%)
They feel it’s a waste of a good product (8%)
385 total votes

Do you feel guilty spending money on (sometimes expensive) inflatables just to pop them?

No, It’s fun (44%)
Yes, It’s a waste of a perfectly good toy (18%)
Yes, the manufactures should make cheap ones just to pop (16%)
No, They’re meant to be popped (13%)
No, The extra expense is what makes them more fun than balloons to pop. (7%)
455 total votes

Where do you buy your inflatables to pop?

Department store (Walmart, Target) (32%)
Internet (22%)
Pool supply store (17%)
Grocery Store (10%)
Outdoors store (9%)
Camping store (8%)
868 total votes

Do you think we will ever see pool toy popping contests sort of like the balloon popping contests you see on game shows, and at parties?

No, people would think it’s weird (41%)
Yes, people enjoy things that are destructive, but cause no real harm (18%)
Yes, it’s a natural step up from popping balloons (13%)
No, it’s too expensive (11%)
No, it’s to hard to pop most things (8%)
Yes, people always want to outdo things past (7%)
397 total votes

Why do you like to pop inflatables?

The fact that you destroy a perfectly good toy, but no real harm is done satisfies my destructive side, and makes it more fun than balloons (28%)
They are less noisy (21%)
It’s more of a challenge than balloons (21%)
There is less mess to clean up (15%)
They are more expensive than balloons, therefore it’s more of a thrill (7%)
A friend or family member got me into popping inflatables (5%)
597 total votes

Are you selective about what inflatables you pop?

I only like to pop certain things (63%)
I’ll pop anything that holds air (37%)
375 total votes

How did you get into popping inflatables?

Accidently popped one and found that I really liked it (28%)
Internet (19%)
Saw someone else do it and it looked fun (10%)
Needed more of a challenge than balloons (9%)
Started out as vandelism/prank, and found I really liked to pop things (7%)
Took revenge on someone and popped their toy and found I liked to pop things (6%)
Got intrigued while shopping for balloons and decided to give it a try (6%)
A friend/family member introduced me to popping (6%)
Saw it on TV and it looked fun (4%)
605 total votes