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Kat was trying to look all ladylike as she climbed on top of a balloon (there truly is NO graceful way to do that). She positions herself carefully and gets ready for a bouncing clip, when the big balloon bursts under her ass, sending Kat flying!

Enjoy this fun balloon blooper

Inflatable Banana Blooper

One night last summer we got a little tipsy at the studio (ok, loaded) and Alexxia decided to show off her squirting talents. She climbed up on our inflatable banana, grabbed her trusty vibe and got to work. Well… things didn’t work out quite as planned, but this behind-the-scenes footage is priceless! A rare peek at what goes on behind the magic
Full clip is available on the site 🙂

Here is  Alexxia’s inflatable banana blooper

Blooper #2

Xev is great at talking on cam, a skill that few people have. Once in a while though, she’s just like anybody else, and gets a little tongue tied lol.

Here is blooper #2, from Xev

Blooper #1

Our models are just like anyone else- prone to mishaps, slips of the tongue and some downright embarassing occurances; only, they often happen on camera! I think it’s time to share some of the silly stuff that usually ends up on the cutting room floor.

Here is blooper #1, from Adele’s balloon masturbation scene