Monthly Archives: February 2007

Lee’s Blow To Burst

Check out this new video clip update at Blow To Burst! Lee uses earplugs and muscles through a pretty green balloon, barely flinching when it bursts in her face!

Click here to view a free preview clip!

Alexxia Plays with a Dolphin Pooltoy

In today’s photo update at Frisky-Business Alexxia plays with a dolphin pooltoy! She is the quintessential Canadian babe in her hockey jersey but she can’t resist feeling the firm vinyl against her naked skin!

Trini’s Helium Bouquet

Trini enjoys a beautiful black and pearl white helium bouquet today at Emmas Balloons! She stars off fully dressed but strips completely naked while enjoying her helium friends on ribbon strings!


Sebastian Gets Popping

Sebastian gets popping in today’s photo update at Balloon-Guys! He inflates several balloons including a rabbit ear and a pair of Qualatex Sprays, enjoying them for a while before popping some and saving some for another day of play!

Member Appreciation Day

It’s Member Appreciation Day at Smoke & Balloons! Lee lights up and teases her pink balloon with the hot cherry on her cigarette to say thank you to Sedrocks for being a loyal member!

Cassie’s Foot Pop

In today’s video clip update at Feet And Balloons Cassie is wearing some funky super tall socks! Wearing nothing but the socks, she footpops some tightly inflated Qualatex colour spray balloons!

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Accidental POP!

This video clip just became available for download today at The Balloon Bounce Clip Store! While bouncing on her balloon wearing thigh high stockings, Kitsune’s balloon popped a little sooner than she had intended!

Member Appreciation Day

It’s Member Appreciation Day at Blow To Burst! Kitsune uses all her lung power to inflate this clear especially for Psyxnix to say thank you for being such a loyal member!

Debby’s Bum Bounce

Check out this new video clip update at Balloon Bounce! While bum bouncing completely naked, Debby humps and bumps and she gets a surprise when this biggie pops underneath her!

Click here fro a free preview clip!