Monthly Archives: November 2007

Thanks A Bunch!

Atish and the rest of us at Feet And Balloons would like to single out FENIXNT as this week’s featured member. Thanks a bunch for being our member, we couldn’t do it without each and every one of you!

Adele’s Inflatable Shark Ride

With that saucy little ass of hers up in the air, Adele rides a purple inflatable shark in this week’s video clip update at Frisky-Business!

Click here for a free tease!

Atish’s Marlborough Lite

In this week’s video clip update at Smoke And Balloons, Atish blows to burst a 16 inch Unique while enjoying a Marlborough Light 100!

Click here for a free teaser clip!

Alexxia’s GIANT Balloon Burst

Alexxia is utterly dwarfed by this GIANT 72″ Tilco that she inflates with a zibi electric pump till it bursts in this week’s video clip update at Blow To Burst!

Click here for a quick peek!

Starla’s Balloon Inflation

After lots of petting and reassuring Starla that she would not die, we convinced her to inflate this 12 inch balloon by mouth until it popped for Emmas Balloons. It sure took a long time, and poor Starla was in tears after the bang, but she was happy to have finally conquered her phobia!

Click here for a peek!

Starla’s Balloon Phobia

Some of you guys who visit Live Balloon Shows may have met Starla and already know about her terror of balloons. In the first of two clip updates at Emmas Balloons this week, we interviewed Starla, and got her to talk about her balloon phobia!


LOOSER gets to enjoy Cassie’s impossibly long legs wrapped around his balloon in these pics we shot especially for him. Thanks LOOSER for being a member of Balloon Bounce!

Brand New Live Balloon Show Chathost

We’ve added a brand new balloon model to Live Balloon Shows! Scarlette did her very first photo shoot for us last night, and is eager to show off her newfound balloon skills. We stocked her up with a bunch of 12, 16 and 24 inch balloons to play with and she’s all set! Drop by and say hello tonight (after 7pm est), and maybe get a private balloon show of your own with Scarlette 🙂


Luca Foot Pumps

Med student Luca’s first ever Balloon-Guys clip debuts this week. Luca uses a foot pump to inflate this 40 inch tilly far beyond it’s intended capacity!

Click here for a sneak peek