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Pop N Stomp

Balloon Fetish Popping Video

Over 200 balloons are pulverized in this Marra and Rayne video! At the request of several customers and another webmaster, this video came to life… Marra and her best friend Rayne get together one Saturday night for balloon bouncing, foot popping, knee squeezing action! Enjoy oldies music in the background and sock hop clothing on the girls. Teeny tiny balloons up to a 16″ jewel tone balloon are all destroyed. Lots of dancing and laughing throughout also. Fun, fun, fun!

This video was filmed in 2000 and is part of our Vintage Video Collection. This video contains the raw footage obtained from the BalloonApalooza production.

32 minutes 07 seconds

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Sneaky Kitty- The Full Movie

SneakyKitty Balloon Fetish Video

Sneaky Kitty loves her balloons. She loves them so much that she sneaks them into the office with her. While she’s at work, Sneaky Kitty finds ways to sneak in some balloon play throughout the day.

Sneaky Kitty loves to bounce on balloons. While she’s at the office, she discretely places a soft balloon on her office chair and bounces on it when nobody is around. She nearly gets caught a couple of times, and has to think fast when it pops and her boss hears the noise!

Like many other people, Sneaky Kitty loves a good blow2pop. Today she takes advantage of a quiet day at work to slip one in when nobody is noticing. Stealthily Sneaky Kitty blows up a pretty leaf-print balloon, enjoying how tight it gets. She nearly gets caught and has to hide the balloon under her desk when someone comes bye. The balloon grows bigger and bigger, the neck bulging; and suddenly it BURSTS. Sneaky Kitty lets out a scream of delight, then quickly gets back to work, pretending to be oblivious to what just happened in the middle of her very quiet office.

It’s time for a smoke break, but it’s Montreal, and Sneaky Kitty doesn’t want to go out into the cold. She’s a clever one though, and came prepared. Sneaky Kitty quietly pulls out an ashtray, lighter, 120 cigarettes and a BALLOON. Without anyone in the office even noticing, Sneaky Kitty lights up, and drags deeply on her cigarette. She then proceeds to exhale into the balloon. This hides the smoky evidence, and allows Kitty to enjoy her cigarette break from the warmth of her office. With each exhale, the balloon grows larger and larger. Eventually, someone comes along and Sneaky Kitty is forced to react quickly so that she doesn’t get caught. Swiftly, she points the neck of the balloon out the window, so that it’s smoky contents blow outside, and nobody is the wiser 😉

It’s now the end of the work day, and Sneaky Kitty is all alone at the office. She’s cleared her desk out of the way, and produced a bunch of smaller balloons. Sneaky Kitty figures that if she has to wear high heeled shoes all day long, she should get some fun out of them too. Sneaky Kitty takes those high heels, and delights in foot popping each and every balloon with her heels.

If her boss and co-workers only knew what Sneaky Kitty gets up to when they are not around 😉

25 minutes, 02 seconds

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Nuthin But Nails

Nothing But Nails Balloon Fetish Video

Here is a great compilation of SIX different nail popping scenes, featuring fav balloon models Adele, Alexxia, Ruby and Scaredy Cat Starla. Six full scenes, 34 minutes, big balloons, small balloons, and even helium filled balloons all at one very low price!

34 minutes, 10 seconds

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Cig Pop Revenge- The Full Movie

Cig Pop Revenge Balloon Fetish Video

Warning: Keeping Her Waiting May Cause Popping

Mina pads out to the living room for a post coital cigarette, where she encounters nearly 50 tightly inflated 16″ helium balloons. At first mildly irritated at being kept waiting, Mina chain smokes Marlboro Light 100s and keeps accidentally popping the balloons, which seem to be everywhere. Eventually Mina tells her guy “For every minute that you keep me waiting, I’m going to pop one of these balloons.” True to her word, Mina cig pops his latex lovelies with her all-whites, punishing him for keeping her waiting. She fearlessly pops all but two, with cigarette in hand, between her lips, and even with her bic lighter. For fans of smoking and balloons, this video is sure to satisfy!

44 minutes, 29 seconds

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60 Balloon Bum Pop

The entire 60 Balloon Bum Pop Video

Old footage dug up from our archives! We posted these photos on Balloon Bounce years ago, and maybe a couple of short clips, but for the first time ever, here is the entire movie. Alexxia shot this years ago, as a custom video for a member. In it, this Balloon Bounce favourite sit pops OVER 60 small balloons. First she’s wearing a short skirt to protect that perfect skin, then drops it, revealing her hot ass in a white thong. Later, Alexxia is forced to put her skirt back on, and hold her hand protectively over her pussy because was hurting so much from all the pops.
Don’t miss this chance to discover something new from one of the balloon fetish community’s favourite balloon models!

62 minutes, 39 seconds

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Download Jennie’s B2P!

balloon fetish videos for download

Long time favourite Jennie’s Blow To Pop Video is now available for download! This one is for blow to pop fans. Enjoy as Jennie inflates over a dozen balloons until they burst! Each scene is filmed from start to finish with no annoying breaks. No cheating here, pure blow-to-burst action, plus one accidental pop!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Jennie’s Blow To Pop!

Download the entire Jennie’s Blow To Pop movie here!

Atish’s Balloon Cam Show #3

Live balloon webcam show

Everyone loved little Atish and her balloon webcam shows. Here is the footage from a behind-the-scenes camera, completely unedited and uncut. Here is your chance to see what happens out of sight of the fans!
In it, Atish bounces her tiny little ass on balloons, blows to pop, uses a pump, a pin and her nails. You’ll never forget Atish’s wonderful laugh, and her enthusiasm. Lots of popping in this one!

56 minutes, 09 seconds

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Jessika’s Balloon Party

Jessika's Balloons

Cute Jessika is in her Hooters uniform, playing with a whole bunch of balloons and having a blast- This movie was filmed back in 2002!

This movie is available for immediate download at Balloon Video Clips!

Click here for the official trailer from the Jessika’s Balloon Party video!

Atish’s Cam Show No2

Video from Atish doing a live balloon cam show

Who doesn’t remember and love Atish’s live balloon webcam shows? This is the entire show, featuring tiny Atish with a bunch of balloons. In it she bounces, blows, blows to pop, nail pops and so much more for her viewers. This girl is truly a delight to watch!

This clip is available for immediate download at Balloon Video Clips!