Monthly Archives: August 2008

Beachball Meets Cigarette

naked inflatable whale ride

Debby uses a pump to inflate a nice, big tri-coloured beachball in this week’s second Frisky-Business clip. Once it’s nice and tight, she tortures the beach ball with her cigarette till it dies a slow and painful death.

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Ride Grind and Pop

ride grind and pop balloons
In Lizzie’s first ever Emmas Balloons video clip, we thought we’d take it easy on her and just see what she was inclined to do with some 12 inch balloons. Well Lizzie completely took us by surprise! She took each and every one of them like a lover, and rode it hard, grinding away till she exhausted it and took on a new one. We think you’re gonna like Lizzie’s special touch 😉
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Balloon Butt Popping

men and balloons
In this week’s clip at Balloon-Guys, Jamie enjoys some butt popping. Wearing only a pair of bikini style skivvies, Jamie rides each of these 17 inch balloons good and hard till they pop under his butt. He especially loves making the neck pop in and out phallically, and giggles when he makes it happen.

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Debby’s Outdoor Blow To Pops

outdoor balloon blow to pop In this outdoor scene at Blow to Burst, Debby blows to burst two 17 inch jewel toned balloons. By the time she was done, she had attracted several fascinated teenaged boys who gathered around to watch the show! 

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Sexy Airmat Deflation

airmat deflation by sexy scarlette

Our little sex kitten Scarlette returns in the first of this week’s Frisky-Business clips. Using only her naked flesh, Scarlette manhandles our pretty pink air mat, squeezing the life out of it till it lies limp beneath her.

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More Jumping On Balloons

jumping on balloons

In this week’s video clip at Feet And Balloons, we repeat one of our most popular scenes. Jumping high into the air, Adele comes down hard with both feet to smash these silver 11 inch balloons to pieces!

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Balloons In The Swimming Pool

blowing and popping balloons in the swimming pool
It’s the end of summer and we finally found a swimming pool to shoot in for this clip at Emmas Balloons. Despite the cold day (it’s about 60 degrees F) and even colder water, Kitty had a great time blowing up balloons, bouncing and popping them in the pool.
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Scarlette’s Big Balloon Ride

big balloon ride by sexy Scarlette

Her hips grinding her hot little body deeper into the big balloon, Scarlette clearly enjoys herself in this week’s clip at Balloon Bounce. Riding a big tilco naked, Scarlette wrangles this balloon between her thighs, till it hits all the right spots 😉

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Naked Whale Ride

naked inflatable whale ride

Adele had a little too much redbull during this shoot, and our big inflatable whale suffered for it in this week’s  Frisky-Business clip. Our frisky model got a little agressive with the whale, riding him hard and fast, thrusting hard and deep. I hope the whale is into that 😉

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