Monthly Archives: November 2008

Dolphin Ride

inflatable dolphin ride

Lizzie takes a tightly inflated dolphin for a ride between her thighs in this new clip at Frisky-Business. Holding on tightly, she drapes her breasts against the vinyl, and grinds, the ride made even better with baby oil

Click here for a free teaser clip of Lizzie’s dolphin ride!

Balloon Kiss Of Death

kiss of death
Adele gets some closure for her past relationships in this clip at Smoke And Balloons. She blows up balloons, and envisions each to be a former lover, drawing his face on the balloon. Getting over them once and for all, Adele administers the Kiss of Death to each with her 120 cigarette!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Adele administering the kiss of death to balloons

Fishnet Covered Feet

fishnets and balloon

Kitty enjoys pressing her fishnet clad feet against a soft balloon in this week’s clip at Feet And Balloons. She likes to see how much it can take, whether it be from one foot or both, as it bulges out the sides from the pressure she applies.

Click here for a free teaser clip of Kitty’s fishnet covered feet!

Pantyhose Balloon Stuffing

clothes stuffing
Ava’s mile long legs look even better in sheer white pantyhose. In this clip at ¬†Emmas Balloons, she stuffs the hose with balloons, the soft latex pressing firmly against her smooth skin in the confines of the nylons.

Click here for a free teaser clip of Ava’s pantyhose balloon stuffing!

Jonny Match Pops

men and balloons
Jonny lights up wooden matches in this week’s clip at Balloon-Guys. He then teases tightly inflated balloons with them, till the latex can take no more!

Here’s a free teaser clip of Jonny match popping balloons

Blindfolded Blow To Burst

Adele's blow to burst while wearing a blindfold
We thought that we would try out something new in this week’s clip at Blow to Burst with Adele. This time, we blindfolded her, and had her blow a 16 inch balloon till it burst. The experience was a lot of fun for Adele, not knowing how big the balloon was getting, and only relying on breath pressure to give her some hint of when the balloon was going to POP!

Click here for a free sample clip of Adele’s blow to burst wearing a blindfold!

Cigarette and Inflatables

inflatables popped by cigarette

Kitty inflates some smaller inflatable toys, while enjoying a Misty cigarette in this new clip at Frisky-Business. Once they’re nice and tight, she cig pops each of them!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Kitty inflating and cig popping inflatables!

Starla’s Nervous Balloon Blow

nervous balloon blow

We were¬†nice to Starla in this clip at Emmas Balloons, and didn’t make her pop any balloons. She was REALLY nervous about it, but managed to fully inflate this 16 inch balloon, and survived unscathed

Click here for a free teaser clip of Starla’s nervous balloon blow up!

Balloon Bounce Games

balloon bouncing games

Kitty and Xev are at it again in this new clip at Balloon Bounce! This time the two climb aboard a couple of 24 inch Qualatexes, and bounce till one pops. Not wanting the fun to end, the two share one of these strong balloons, it’s neck bulging like crazy while they bounce and bounce!

Click here for a quick teaser clip of Xev and Kitty playing balloon bounce games!