Monthly Archives: July 2008

Jess and Annie In the Pool

 Inflatables in the pool
There is a funny story behind this week’s Frisky-Business photo set. We were out in the country, borrowing someone’s pool for this shoot, and Annie had a little too much to drink. Well, it seems the booze made her a little frisky -hehe. She spent much of this scene trying to get (much more conservative) Jess to kiss her.  As you can see in this set, Annie is all over Jess, while poor Jess does her best to politely decline Annie’s advances. Don’t worry, eventually we rescued her, and sobered Annie up.  Oh- did we mention the fun they had with the inflatables too? 😉 


member appreciation day!

DALLASCHEF, this latest photo set from Smoke And Balloons, is especially for you! It’s Member Appreciation Day and we’re showing our appreciation for DALLASCHEF with a special photo set featuring Adele. Sitting with a cigarette in her hand, smoke slowly drifting from her mouth and a yellow balloon with DALLASCHEF’s name written in red, in her lap, Adele does her best to show her appreciation. And with that smile at the end, DALLASCHEF will have no doubt how appreciated he really is.

Daphne’s Foot Popping

Daphne uses her flat boots to pop balloons

 Feet And Balloons presents another terrific photo set. This time, we are featuring sexy blonde Daphne in flat boots in a room full of large balloons, with instructions to foot pop them. She doesn’t always have an easy time of it, but that’s part of the fun now, isnt it? 😉 With heavy flat boots, she makes an impression on the balloons, but popping them proves more of a challenge. She’s determined, though and thrusts her foot into each and every balloon until she’s left standing in her big boots, surrounded by shreads of latex!

Balloon Squeek!

balloon squeek
Today’s clip at Emmas Balloons was shot to fulfill a member request. He’s a big fan of balloon squeaking. In this whopping 22 minute clip, Adele (wearing only cuban heeled pantyhose) repeatedly blows up a red balloon, then deflates it, pinching the neck to make it squeal. He’s a happy member, and we hope that you enjoy it too 🙂

Click here for a free teaser clip!

Mina Bounces In Tight Jeans

Bouncing in tight jeans on a balloon

Mina is back in our third installment at Balloon Bounce, in a short, but sweet clip. Mina’s ass looks splendid in tight jeans, as she bounces on this big smiley faced balloon. She bounces in different positions, putting nearly all of her weight on it. With her sexy smile and black hair flowing, it’s the movement of the balloon that will keep your concentration. However, we all know Mina has a mean streak, so eventually, she tires of it and nailpops the balloon in mid bounce. Have a nice day! 🙂

Click here for a quick teaser clip!

Annie Bounces

Annie bounces on big qualatex balloon

In our second clip from Balloon Bounce this week, we gave Annie a soft 36 inch Qualatex balloon to bounce on. On top of a springy bed, she bounced and bounced on this balloon, having so much fun that she kept falling off! Wearing a white jersey dress with her long black hair flowing over her body, her enthusiasm on this black balloon is something to be seen. As for the ending… that needs to be seen too!

Click here for a quick teaser clip!

Kitsune’s Bouncing

balloon bouncing

This week at Balloon Bounce, our members will get to enjoy three shorter clips, rather than one long. In the first, one of our all-time favorite bouncers Kitsune sits on a yellow, multi-colored striped balloon 24 inch balloon, and slowly bounces. Kitsune wears nothing but thigh high stockings, her long hair flowing over her shoulders, and her mouth open in pure pleasure as she slowly bounces on the balloon.  It’s a slow, methodical ride that Kitsune takes and though this clip is short, it just leaves you hungering for more.

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Member Appreciation Day

It’s time to thank another valued member at Blow To Burst! What better way to thank our special member, FCBAYERN, than with a photo set featuring Atish. She sits with a red balloon, FCBAYERN’s name written in black, and slowly inflates it bigger and bigger. Finally, as you can see Atish blowing for all she’s worth… We hope FCBAYERN enjoyed his *pop*. 😉

Alice’s Beach Ball Pump

pumping up a beach ball

In this week’s Frisky-Business clip, we made Alice work. She thought that it would be easy to use the bike pump to inflate a big beachball. Boy was she mistaken! Huffing and puffing, Alice struggles to fill the ball using the pump. You can see how frustrated she gets, first standing then sitting, trying to find the sweet spot. Poor Alice… next time she’ll do it by mouth 😉

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