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Our Balloon Party!

We’re throwing a balloon party, and you’re invited!

Here’s the address:

After serious consideration, we’ve decided to open up our balloon party to the entire balloon community! Whether or not you are a member of one of our sites, we’d love to have you attend.

Spend the evening with Alexxia, Ava, Kedra, Rachel, Debby and several of our other models all in one room at the same time. I’m sure that other site owners will agree that getting so many models in the same room at once is like herding cats, so we’re really patting ourselves on the back for this one 😉 Thanks to the great balloons supplied by Kaboom Balloons, our ladies will have tons of quality balloons to use for their contests, games and races. There will be a chatroom too, where you can cheer on your favs. Did I mention that this is entirely FREE of charge for everyone?

This is our way of thanking everyone for their support over the past 7 1/2 years. With your support we’ve grown in leaps and bounds, and continue to love every moment.

Please enjoy the show with our compliments, and stay tuned because we have a whole bunch of other goodies up our sleeves!

Member Appreciation Day

It’s Member Appreciation Day today at Balloon Bounce and we’d like to show some love for Mystame! Ava rubs and bounces her thong-clad pussy and ass all over this balloon especially in his honour to say thank you for his loyalty!

Kitsune Pops Helium Balloons

Kitsune briefly studies her yellow 12 balloon bouquet and the giant safety pin she has in her hand, and you just know that they are soon to be history. She starts slowly and hesitantly. Rubbing the soon to be popped balloons across her increasingly nude body, before making them pay, in this new clip available for download today at The Emmas Balloons Clip Store! At first she’s a bit tentative with the pin, making a few faulty stabs at the bight yellow balloons,tied to her so that they can’t get away, and jumping a little each time a one pops. She picks up speed as she nears the end, before slowing again as she savors the last 2 pops of her now tattered bouquet.


Heidi Loves Her Killer Whale Pooltoy

In this new photo update at Frisky-Business slim and sexy punk rock babe Heidi falls in love with a killer whale pooltoy. Wearing a cute bra and panty set she gives her pooltoy a huge hug and feels that he needs a little more air. She opens up the valve, pumps him up to the max with her lips, then goes right back to cuddling her vinyl lover!

Kendra’s Yellow Round

Kendra is a little apprehensive about how this soft yellow round will hold her weight in today’s new photoset at Emmas Balloons! She admires the pretty latex jewel, giving it a squeeze and a feel before she attempts to climb on. She is too afraid to give it her full weight but enjoys the light bouncyness, lounging and loveing and rubbing her bare boobies on it!

DJ’s Slim Jim

Dj inflates a long and lovely Slim Jim in this new photo update at Balloon-Guys! he huffs and puffs to inflate it to the max and is actually pleasantly surprised at how long it gets!

Ava Foot Pops

Ava gets her barefeet out for some footpopping fun in today’s video clip update at Feet And Balloons! Naked from head to toe, she gets her feet on a room full of blue 12 inchers, crushing them to death!

Click here for a free sneak peek clip!

Party Girls

I know that there are a lot of you who have been waiting for this one to become available for download and your wait ends today at The Frisky-Business Clip Store! Our party girls have an awesome time playing and bouncing on an inflatable dolphin pooltoy at a party we held recently! Don’t forget to check out our new party coming up very soon, to be broadcast live via video feed! All of the details are posted here at Balloon Directory.

Member Appreciation Day

Once again, it’s member’s Appreciation Day today at Blow To Burst and Heidi is here to show some love for Windbag! We like to make our members feel a little special because they make US special every simgle day. if you’d like to see your name on a balloon, or just have a special request of any kind, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or become one of the family!