Monthly Archives: September 2008

Foot Popping Balloons In Knee Socks

wearing knee socks to foot pop balloons

We’re fulfilling yet another member’s request at Feet And Balloons. This time, Ruby footpops crystals while wearing knee high socks.

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Balloon Bouncing in Tight Jeans

lizzie's balloon bouncing in tight blue jeans

in this week’s clip at Balloon Bounce, Lizzie is wearing painted on jeans (and nothing else). She rides and grinds on 14 inch balloons, bum popping them in the process.

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Kitty’s Nail Popping

balloons get nail popped
Kitty puts her long, natural nails to work in this clip update at Emmas Balloons; nail popping tightly inflated 17 inch balloons.

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Rough BeachBall Play

alice plays rough with her beach balls

Alice gets rough in this this video clip at Frisky-Business. She bounces hard, stomps and pokes at these beachballs, but they refuse to give in!

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Balloon Cig Pop

balloon cig pop
Adele match lights a Virginia Slim cigarette, to enjoy with her balloon in this week’s clip at Smoke And Balloons. Demonstrating her deep inhales, french inhales and overall sexy smoking, Adele manages to inflate the balloon nice and tight, with a wide neck. Deliberately catching us off guard, Adele surprises us with a quick cig pop of the balloon followed by a mischevious laugh!
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Balloon Foot Popping In High Heels

wearing lucite high heels to foot pop balloons

Wearing impossibly high lucite heels, Kitty teeters around, foot popping a bunch of tightly inflated crystals in this week’s video clip at Feet And Balloons.

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3-2-1-GO! Balloon Race

kitty and xev's balloon race
In this week’s clip at Blow to Burst, Kitty decides that the best way to teach Xev how to b2p a balloon, is to challenge her to a race! Instead of one balloon, each girl has to race through FOUR. Largest to smallest, the ladies blow to burst an 18, 16, 14 and 12 inch balloon to win the contest. A whopping EIGHT blow to pops in this clip!

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Beach Ball Stomp

Lizzie's beachball stomp

Lizzie stomps barefoot on beachballs of various sizes and colours in the first of this week’s video clips at Frisky-Business. Realizing that she needs a little help, she slips on some high heels, and stomps them till they lie flat beneath her.

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Workers In The Pool

balloon fun in the pool
Debby plays in the pool with a couple of worker balloons in this week’s first clip update at Emmas Balloons! One of them popped pretty quickly, but the other lasted a long time for Debby. After many attempts, she manages to use one as a pool float, supporting her body above the water so that she could work on her tan.
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