Monthly Archives: August 2010

Pink Dolphin

beachball pop

We have a bunch of these new pink dolphins, and have been itching to try them out at Frisky-Business. Adele slowly inflates one by mouth before stripping off her panties and giving it a long deep ride!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Adele inflating and riding a pink dolphin!

Bouncability Comparison

compare balloons

In our newest clip at Balloon Bounce, Heather has three 17 inch balloons, each inflated differently- one overinflated, one under inflated, and one just right. She climbs on and gives each a test drive, determining which one she prefers for bouncing on!

Click here for a quick teaser clip of Heather comparing balloons for bouncability!

Blindfolded Balloon Cig Pop

cigarette and balloons

In this week’s clip at Smoke And Balloons Xev tries her hand at cig popping a bouquet of balloons… while blindfolded!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Xev cig popping while blindfolded!

Balloon Nail Pop

nail pop

Xev has a shiny new manicure and wants to put it to good use nailpopping balloons in this new clip at Emmas Balloons!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Xev nail popping balloons!

More Josh

men and balloons

This week at Balloon-Guys Josh is having fun with his balloons, delivering a great inflation scene with a tight blue crystal and a nice hug pop!

Here’s a free teaser clip of Josh’s inflation skills!

Tough Balloon To B2P

blow to pop balloons

This week at Blow to Burst: These 5 foot Happy Birthday balloons are harder to b2p than you might think, just ask Xev!

Click here for a free sample clip of Xev struggling with a tough b2p!

Beachball Meets Thumbtacks

beachball pop

This week at Frisky-Business we’re responding to a member’s request. Heather uses our zibi pump to inflate a 42 inch beachball. Once it’s nice and tight, she lays out a bunch of thumbtacks on the carpet, and climbs up on the ball. She rolls the ball onto the tacks, letting each one puncture the tight vinyl. Heather removes the thumbtacks, allowing the air to escape while she rides the ball flat to the floor

Click here for a free teaser clip of Heather’s slow thumbtack pop of a 42 inch beachball!

Inflatable Boat Heel Pop

feet and inflatables

In this new clip at Feet And Balloons Heather puts her long heels through the vinyl of a tightly inflated boat, loving the hiss it makes as it gasps for air!

Click here for a free sample of Heather heel popping an inflatable boat!

White Panties On A 24Q

24 Q balloons

A butt clad in white cotton panties, a clear Q24 and lots of bouncing in this non popping clip at Balloon Bounce this week!

Click here for a quick teaser clip of Xev bouncing on a 24Q in white cotton panties!