Monthly Archives: March 2008

Ava & Cassie’s Worker Balloons

worker balloons
In the latest photo set from Emmas Balloons, Ava and Cassie take on a yellow worker balloon and a blue crystal worker balloon. They pose together, manipulating the two giant balloons to their whim. Bending the balloons around their bodies and holding them close, rubbing their hands against the length of the smooth latex. The vivid colors offset as they criss-cross and fill each frame. Whether the workers are being squished between the girls or just being held gently so the girls can feel the cool texture, you’ll be able to sense their enjoyment as they play. As this set moves along, you’ll enjoy seeing how these two workers are almost too much for the girls to handle.

Adele’s Balloon Ride

adele rides a balloon
We’re happy to welcome back Adele to Balloon Bounce in this clip that features her and a 16? jewel toned Qualatex. Completely naked, Adele sits atop the beautiful balloon and slowly moves up and down on it. The neck expands and contracts between her thighs as you can see the body of the balloon move up and down with the pressure of her ass. As she continues to ride, the sounds of the latex between her thighs demonstrate just how much pressure she’s putting on it. When she moves around for a better angle, you are able to see just how her body weight has changed the shape of the balloon from round to oval.

Click here for a quick teaser clip!

Thanks CHIMAY11!

It’s another chance to say thanks to a valued member at Blow To Burst! This time around, we’ve asked Corinne to help us thank CHIMAY11. She takes a yellow balloon with CHIMAY11’s name written across the side and slowly inflates it. Each frame of this photo set captures Corinne’s intensity as she closes her lips around the mouth of the balloon. Her cheeks puff up and the balloon continues to grow in her hands with each passing photo. By the end, the balloon is almost ready to burst and we think CHIMAY11 will feel appreciated!

Corinne’s Big Tilco Balloon

Corinne seems to be at her best when she’s naked! We handed this tiny spinner a big yellow Tilco balloon, and let her have her way with it in this week’s video clip at Emmas Balloons. Corinne climbed on, and gave it a good ride before getting curious and exploring it’s possibilities more thoroughly. As you know, these 40″ Tilcos are especially soft and squishy, and feel exceptionally good between a woman’s thighs 😉

Click here for a free teaser clip!

Beachball Pin Popping

big beachball pin popping
Alice gets a little destructive in this week’s video clip at Frisky-Business! Wearing a lacy black bodysuit with spiked heels, Alice climbs on top of a 48 inch glossy 12 panelled beachball. She produces a giant thumbtack and gets to work. Slowly and deliberately, Alice repeatedly punctures the big beachball, enjoying the ‘hiss’ as the air escapes through the holes. Though she’s tiny, Alice uses her body weight to force the air out, riding it till it can no longer support her. Finally, nearing the end, Alice grips the vinyl, and firmly wrings every last gasp of air out of it!

Click here for a free teaser clip!

Thanks DWHIST6!

Here at Feet And Balloons we truly value our members. This week we prove it with a special photo set dedicated to DWHIST6. We’ve enlisted Pixie to help us give thanks to this special member. She’s new to our family and she does this photo set justice. Wearing sexy lingerie, including thigh-high black stockings to encase her sexy legs, she toys with a pink balloon with stripes and DWHIST6’s name written across it, in red. She lays on her stomach and holds the balloon between her sexy feet, and then turns over and lays on her back, holding her stocking-covered feet high in the air and cradling the balloon.

Debby’s 18 Inch Balloons

Debby blows up two 18 inch balloons
There is a funny story behind this week’s clip at Blow to Burst which was filmed at Debby’s apartment. Debby tends to inflate balloons a little too fast, so I handed her a red 18″, hoping it would make for a longer clip. As usual, Debby blew and blew, and when it was nearly full, her phone rang. I paused the camera and tightly held onto the balloon’s neck while she took the call. As luck would have it, that’s when the balloon decided to burst on it’s own. I’m not sure if it was winter static, or just it’s time to go.
Anyway, I handed Debby another 18″er, yellow this time. She raced through it like a champ, shards scattering all over the place. At the same moment as the BOOM (which echoed through her apartment), her poor bird fell off it’s perch lol! Moments later, we heard a big slam on the ceiling from the neighbours, who were none too pleased with all the noise from the two big pops 😉

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Pixie’s Sexy Smoking

sexy smoking with balloons
After her recent member appreciation photo set, you wanted Pixie back at Smoke And Balloons as soon as possible! She had so much fun that she wanted to come back, too! We granted everyone’s wish and present Pixie in her first Smoke and Balloons video. This petite stunner takes on a purple balloon as she smokes her cigarette. She moves her mouth from the cigarette to the balloon using her beautiful full lips expertly on both. Once she’s done inflating the balloon, she cradles it between her legs as she looks at you through the smoke with her bright eyes. With the way this clip ends, we’re not sure what’s sexier, Pixie smoking, inflating, or how calm she is when she… well, watch and see!

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Thanks WINCER!

member appreciation pics
Ruby returns to Balloon Bounce with a very special purpose… to thank WINCER for being such a valued member! Wearing a brown bra and panty set, her sexy glasses and a huge smile, Ruby mounts a red balloon with WINCER’s name on it. As the photo set progresses, you can see the pressure build in the balloon as Ruby puts all of her weight into pressing down on it with her ass. She even teases it with the heels of her feet. You can tell from the shape of the balloon under Ruby just how much weight she’s using to bounce. One thing is for certain, no one knows how to say “thank you? like Ruby!