Monthly Archives: April 2007

Foot Popping Boots

Check out this new video clip that just became available for download today at The Feet & Balloons Clip Store! Fulfilling a member request, Alexxia foot pops an assortment of big balloons while wearing hot pink thigh high boots and a matching sexy bra and panty set!

Member Appreciation Day

We like to reward our members, and it’s Member Appreciation Day once again! This week we’d like to say a big thank you to Balloony for his loyal patronage at Blow To Burst! Saffron inflates a balloon in his honour!

Ava Bounces Like a Maniac!

Ava bounces with abandon in this new video clip at Balloon Bounce! Wearing sexy short shorts, she bounces wildly and gets this 16 inch spray to pop under her butt!

Click here for a free sneak peek clip!

Sebastian Inflates and Pops!

In this new video clip update at Balloon-Guys Sebastian chooses a fuschia balloon to inflate to the max! He ties it off then uses it for a stool while he inflates a pretty blue loon. Once it is pumped up, he uses a leather belt to beat it to popping, then hug pops his fucshia friend!!

Click here for a free sneak peek clip!

Inflatable Party Time

I know that there are a lot of you who have been waiting for this one at Frisky-Business! Our party girls have an awesome time playing and bouncing on an inflatable dolphin pooltoy at a party!

Check out a free preview clip here!

Lee’s Inflation Fun

Lee is back at EmmasBalloons getting naked and showing off her inflation skills! She has some pretty pink balloons that she plays with in this brand new video clip.

Click here for a free preview from this update!

Member Appreciation Day

Gabrielle stopped by the studio this week to do some photos with us and the first thing that we did was shoot this special set for Sanches, our loyal member at Feet And Balloons! She teases and taunts this orange balloon with her bare feet to show our thanks!

Alexxia’s Big Blow

Check out this new video clip that just became available for download today at The Blow To Burst Clip Store! We had to show Alexxia  that what they say is true about pre-inflation! We pre-inflated this 16 inch Qualatex before giving it to this hot Canadian babe, making it much grow bigger than she anticipated!

Skylar’s Long White Misty

Skylar enjoys a relaxing smoke in today’s video clip update at Smoke And Balloons! Wearing a pretty pink teddy and panties, this blonde cutie enjoys a long white Misty with her clear balloon!

Click here for a free sneak peek!