Monthly Archives: February 2008

Lydia’s Beach Ball Destruction

We enjoy playing with Lydiah. We also enjoy watching this busty brunette bounce! So, this week at Frisky-Business we challenged her to pop a transparent beachball using only her lovely ass. Well, the blue one wouldn’t cooperate. The green one was even more difficult. But we didn’t care. The harder Lydiah tried, the more her breasts popped out of her bra and bounced around. She probably thought wearing red bra and panties would help with the red one. It didn’t. Eventually she destroys all the balls, but how she does it…well, watch and find out!

Click here for a free teaser clip!


Ok, really, we’re far too nice! This week at Feet And Balloons we’re giving thanks to SEDROCKS for being such a great member. And we really do appreciate him! How much? We invited the very sexy Ruby to do the honors and she was very willing. She grabbed hold of the orange balloon which had SEDROCKS’ name written on it, and did all sorts of naughty things to it, using just her feet. From pressing her sexy red-painted toes into it, to cradling it between her soles to just letting it lay on her feet. Ruby is one of a kind! Just like SEDROCKS!

Kitty’s Blow to Pop

Kitty comes to Emmas Balloons, in hopes of doing justice to a blow to pop. As she straddles a big white tilco, she slowly blows into a pink 14″ balloon, opening her hand to hold it as it grows. Her mouth seductively pulls at the mouth of the balloon as you can hear her taking deep breaths just before each time she blows. As it gets bigger and bigger, her eyes close a bit tighter as her natural fear takes over. Kitty’s a tough one and she keeps on blowing until a conclusion that sends pieces of pink balloon scattering into the air!

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Thanks SILOON!

This week at Balloon Bounce we’re sending out a special “thank you” to SILOON for his loyal membership! What better way to do it than to have the sexy rocker Debby appearing in a shiny red spandex body suit and red stripper heels. With a sly grin that only Debby can deliver, she straddles the orange balloon, bearing SILOON’s name and squeezes it under her ass and between her thighs in this special photo set. From the front you can see Debby’s hard nipples poking through her outfit. From the back, you can see her beautiful ass. Is there a better way to say “thanks”?

Jamie’s Balloon Bouncing

This week at Balloon-Guys, we feature the ever aggressive Jamie. He starts off, sitting in only a blue jockstrap, stroking a white balloon. After taking a few tugs at the neck of the balloon with his teeth he begins to ride it. He straddles the balloon and bounces on it with his ass until it pops. Lucky for Jamie, there are plenty more balloons to play with. Throughout the clip, the squeaks of the latex under Jamie’s skin are just as arousing as his aggressiveness with each coming balloon. Pay special attention to how much he enjoys playing with the green one!

Here’s a free teaser clip

Atish’s Inflate to Pop

Ok, let’s face it… Atish is sexy! This week at Blow to Burst, the tension in this 16″ purple Unique isn’t the only thing that increases as Atish’s succulent lips pull at the neck of the balloon. She tugs on it with her teeth as she continues to blow harder. Wearing a cute red and white bra and panty set and sitting next to a tightly inflated yellow worker (is that one next?), Atish keeps on going. She finally does achieve her goal, but watch your speakers; the end of this clip is a feast for the ears as well as the eyes!

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2 Girls On Beach Ball

Welcome to Frisky-Business where having fun creates so many opportunities! Take our latest photo set, featuring Ava and Cassie, two sexy girls who are best friends and wanted to get friendlier! We gave them a 48″ classic 6 panel glossy beachball to play with and they made the most of it! Wearing only skimpy panties, they go from sitting back-to-back to laying front-to-front, and everything in between. You’ll especially enjoy seeing how Cassie’s red panties and Ava’s blue panties bring out the colors of the ball. The girls had an absolutely great time with their new toy and it shows. They even gave it a name… “Lucky”!

Thanks JUSTIN50!

Once again, it’s time to show our appreciation to one of our loyal Smoke And Balloons, members! This week, we’ve selected JUSTIN50 and asked Adele to help us out. She was happy to do so as she puffs away on her ciggy, holding a pink mouse-eared balloon with JUSTIN50’s name on it. Adele kept putting the special balloon in different positions, but her favorite was with it holding her face between the “ears? as she takes another drag on her cigarette. As the smoke leaves her mouth and her hands cradle the balloon with her eyes sparkling, we’re pretty sure JUSTIN50 will feel appreciated!

Introducing Corinne

This week at Feet And Balloons we welcome Corinne. This stunning brunette jumps right into the action, using her sexy red-painted toes to have her way with a red 16″ jewel toned balloon. This photo set shows off all of Corinne’s talents, as she rolls the balloon between her soles, pushes her toes into it and even tugs at the neck with her succulent toes. There are also plenty of shots of her sitting on the balloon with her feet behind her, showing her soles and her amazing ass. By the end, if you wondered if she’s having fun, that devilish smile will give you that answer right away!.