Monthly Archives: January 2007

Alexxia Rides an Inflatable Shamu

Alexxia is ready to play today at Frisky-Business! She has her vinyl lover, Shamu, inflated tightly and ready to play and she climbs aboard wearing a cute matching sheer tank and thong panties. She takes Shamu for a ride, enjoying the feel of the firm vinyl between her legs!

Maya’s Helium Bouquet

Check out this long-lost Maya photoset at Emmas Balloons! Maya is perfectly topless and wearing eye glasses and spike heels while she plays with her pretty helium bouquet. She gets tangled in the strings of this multi-colored display, enjoying every minute of her helium balloon experience!


Johnnie’s B2P

Johnnie shows off his powerful lungs todat at Balloon-Guys! He huffs and puffs, coaxing his balloon bigger and bigger. The neck bulges out super long and then the loon pops right in his face!

Member Appreciation Day

It’s Member Appreciation Day again at Smoke And Balloons! Debby shows her gratitude by enjoying a cigarette with her green balloon, blowing her smoke over the firm latex!

Skylar Plays Footsies

In today’s video clip update at Feet And BalloonsSkylar plays footies with her balloons! Long haired blonde Skylar uses her dirty feet to play with a bunch of tightly inflated Qualatexes

Click here to view a free preview clip!

Arielle’s Balloon Bounce

Arielle shows off her bouncing skills in this new video clip update at Balloon Bounce! Wearing sexy lingerie with stockings, she bounces happily on this huge, soft, red balloon! The huge grin never leaves her face the entire time…I think she likes it!  😉

Click here to view a free preview clip.!

Member Appreciation Day

It’s Member Appreciation Day again at Blow To Burst! In this new photoset, Malacia shows her appreciation to Mekii for being a loyal member. She inflates this pretty red 12 incher especially for him!

Debby Inflates

It’s time for a new video clip update at Emmas Balloons! In this new clip, Debby is sitting on a large soft turquoise balloon as she huffs and puffs and inflates another loon! When she gets the new balloon tightly inflated, she ties it off and has some fun! As she bounces and rocks on her balloon stool, she squeezes and hugs the new burgundy balloon, creating all kinds of wonderful squeaking!

Beachball Deflation

Skylar lets her beachball know who’s boss in this new video clip update at Frisky-Business! She really puts her weight into things, using her whole body to deflate thsi pretty star-print clear beachball. You can hear the air oozing out of the nozzle, and it speeds up dramatically, gushing out very audibly when she lays her body into the beachball!