Monthly Archives: April 2008

Atish’s Beachball

Atish returns to Frisky-Business this week, cozying up to a 6 panel beachball. In this photo set, Atish showers the vinyl pooltoy with some special attention… from her cute bum! She squeezes and teases, loving the sensation of the tight vinyl against her skin. As the photo set progresses it becomes clear that this glossy ball makes Atish happiest when it’s between her legs. It’ll make you happy too! 😉

Kitty’s Footplay

balloon footplay
If you’ve never seen a clip at Feet And Balloons, *this* is the one to see. Kitty, the sexy Asian with incredible feet, teases and toys with a clear Qualatex. Kitty’s slender feet and sexy long, red painted, toes rub up and down the clear balloon. She presses her heels into it and rubs her high arches and wrinkled soles against the latex, causing it to make some wonderful sounds. This clip is totally focused on the beauty of two sexy feet and a spectacular, clear balloon and all the joys that they bring when put together!

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Thank You JASON6472

member appreciation day!
It’s time at Smoke And Balloons to thank another one of our great members. This week we say thanks to JASON6472! Debby is here to help in a special photo set that has the sexy rocker babe caressing a yellow crystal balloon with JASON6472’s name on it, while sensually smoking her ciggy. With Debby already topless, blowing smoke and caressing this balloon, we’re sure JASON6472 will be smiling by the end of this set!

Lydiah’s Bounce Till Burst

bouncing on balloons till burst
Sultry Lydiah is back at Balloon Bounce this week in another hot clip! We catch her having some fun, straddling a green jewel toned balloon and slowly bouncing on it. She moves her body up and down on it, it’s wide neck pulsating, and the sounds of her flesh against the balloon are almost hypnotic. Then, watching this busty woman begin to bounce harder, her breasts moving along with the balloon becomes an almost orgasmic experience. The clip continues with Lydiah bouncing harder on the balloon as it expands and contracts between her legs until it “pops its top” (trust us). Lydiah wasn’t satisfied and grabbed a black balloon and does it all over again, and it happens the same way… again!

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Krystal’s Introduction to Big Balloons

introduction to big balloons
I know that our updates at Emmas Balloons are a little out of sequence, but this is the very first balloon set that we shot with Krystal. We thought that we’d break her in easy by giving her a big, soft round, and setting her loose. Personally, I love this set because it shows Krystal’s authentic reactions and facial expressions as she experiences a big balloon for the first time in her life. Fearless as she is, Krystal climbs on, and finds out what the balloon is made of. Ultimately though, she learns to trust it, and have a whole lot of fun! 

Punker Jonny’s Bum Popping

Everyone’s favorite skater-kid, Jonny, is back at Balloon-Guys! In this clip, Jonny, wearing a pair of black briefs and a smile bum pops a variety of balloons with such enthusiasm that he’s thrashing his slim body around. He bounces up and down on each balloon, lifting himself off the balloon and then crashing back down and through the balloon. Little ones, big ones… Jonny conquers them all with a smile. As each one pops under the strength of Jonny’s great ass, Jonny laughs, not wanting the fun to end! 

Here’s a free teaser clip

Atish’s 20″ Balloon Blow

big balloon blow
Sexy brunette Atish is back at Emmas Balloons this week. She grabs a purple 20″ balloon and begins to blow, slowly inflating it. She looks like she might give up quickly as her eyes begin to water and her head shakes back and forth, struggling to hold onto it. The balloon gets bigger and Atish keeps hard at work, as you can hear the air leaving her lungs and entering the balloon. This long clip continues on as we watch Atish struggle and the balloon grow until Atish fully inflates the balloon so that nearly dwarfs her. Then, just when she can’t take much more and has to get a drink, after all the hard work… just watch and see!

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First Time Blow To Pop!

blow to burst
Big, tight balloons and hot blondes! We offer it all, at Blow to Burst! May we introduce to you Krystal? This sexy blonde knows how to blow… on her back… cradling the balloon and tugging at the neck with her strong fingers. She lays there, slowly inflating a bright green balloon as her chest heaves up and down. This is her first time at Blow to Burst and she shows no fear or concern. She even crosses her legs and looks at the camera with a smirk. The Balloon keeps growing and Krystal’s cheeks keep puffing. Finally, just when Krystal looks like she may burst… the balloon does!

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Pixie’s Misty Cigarette

misty cigarette
This week at Smoke And Balloons we present a clip featuring  Pixie, a 120 cigarette and an orange spray! This long clip features sexy brunette Pixie slowly inflating the balloon as she leisurely smokes her Misty cigarette. She slowly sucks on her ciggy and blows into the balloon, as she keeps giving small smirks and tiny flashes of her perfect breasts. The balloon grows in her hand and Pixie starts to get a bit nervous and keep the hot “torch” away from the latex in fears it may pop. Once Pixie is topless, she seems to have a bit more nerve as she ends the clip with a *bang* and a giggle.

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