Monthly Archives: May 2008

Krystal’s Swim Ring Ride

Krystal rides a swim ring

You’ve seen girls at Frisky-Business with swim rings, before. Have you ever seen them bounce on the swim rings? Our latest clip features blonde sexpot Krystale with two swim rings. She starts off holding one and bouncing on the other. Soon, she is just bouncing as she loses her heels and ruffled plaid skirt. She bounces up and down hard on the swim ring, enjoying the ride. The sound of the vinyl against her round ass is accompanied by her panting and giggles. Soon she wears one of the swim rings out and has to start bouncing on the other one. She then decides to really wear this one out, unplugs the valve and rides it into nothingness!

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Sandrine’s Balloon Pump Pop

balloon pop with a pump
Our latest clip from Emmas Balloons is a pump fan’s dream! Sandrine sits naked with a hand pump between her legs, slowly inflating a purple balloon. As the balloon grows in size, Sandrine’s strokes with the pump get slower and more deliberate. The whistling and whooshing of air from the pump just before the handle hits the base is all that fills the air. Sandrine has a huge smile on her face as she keeps pumping and the balloon keeps growing. Sandrine’s facial expression starts to betray her nervousness about what’s going to happen. The end of the clip has Sandrine sitting in the midst of the shattered balloon!

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fan pics

It’s time for us to show our appreciation to a valued Balloon Bounce member! This week we say thanks to BALLPOPR for being a loyal member. To celebrate the occasion, we shot this photoset of Atish bouncing on a white jellybean just for him. Thanks BALLPOPR for being our member, we sure do appreciate it! 

Cassie & Ava @ Smoke & Balloons

Cassie and Ava smoking together with balloons
The dynamic duo of Ava and Cassie takes over Smoke And Balloons. In this week’s clip, the two sexy women enjoy a pair of Virginia slims while sitting together on a tightly inflated worker. Squeezing it between their thighs and causing it to make all kinds of sounds as they enjoy their cigarettes, Cassie decides to bring in another balloon. The girls continue to smoke as Cassie fills a crystal blue balloon with smoke and Ava starts on a geo donut. Ava finally gives up on her balloon, but they both still have fun with the worker, Cassie’s balloon and their cigarettes.

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Atish Blows To Pop A Peacock

Atish's peacock balloon
Our latest clip at Blow to Burst, is a colorful one. Sexy brunette Atish returns, wearing a red mesh body stocking and inflating a thick Peacock balloon. Once she sees it’s not going to be an easy task, she lays down to take her time. Then she realizes it really isn’t easy at all and fights to inflate the thick balloon. She closes her eyes and keeps huffing and puffing. Often times she takes breaks from blowing because she begins to laugh as the inflation is getting too tough. She keeps struggling, but the balloon keeps growing. Her laughter turns to frustration as the balloon keeps getting bigger and almost refuses to pop. Of course, we all know that Atish is more than up for the challenge, and pops that sucker!
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Alice’s Sexy Balloon Ride

Alice takes this big balloon on a sexy balloon ride
Wearing a red mesh crotchless body stocking, Alice enjoys a ride on a green Italian 30×52 blimp in this latest clip from Balloon Bounce! Alice is an aggressive girl and she makes the most of the opportunity, spreading her legs wide and aggressively bouncing on the balloon as her weight takes her half way through the balloon and then all the way back up. Her ride is even better as the balloon sits on top of a big airbed for extra cushioning and spring. This one is for the non poppers 🙂

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Kitty’s Foot Teasing

kitty teases this balloon with her feet

In this clip from Feet And Balloons, we give you Kitty in fabulous red and black lingerie, complete with red fishnet stockings. With her sexy toes flexing relentlessly in the fishnets, Kitty goes to town on a squishy yellow crystal. She uses everything she’s got- strong heels and sweet ass, then her sexy arches and pedicured toes to tease and torture the balloon, before putting it out of it’s misery, with a sharp foot pop!

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Atish’s Blow Up Dragon

Atish posing with a blow up dragon
Our latest photo set at Frisky-Business features Atish and her green dragon. Atish, wearing a red mesh body suit starts off riding the inflatable dragon. Soon, though, she starts to get more aggressive. She bites its ear, grabs its ass and begins to lick its snout. After riding the dragon a bit, pushing its face down into the ground and pulling at its ass, she wraps her long legs around it and tugs at its head. Finally, she plays nice and cuddles up with her friend, stroking it with her fingertips and kissing it on the face.

Sailor Moon & Balloons

Kitty plays Sailor Moon with balloons
Are there any Sailor Moon fans out there? For this week’s photoset update at Emmas Balloons, Kitty dresses up as her favourite anime character, and plays with a bunch of 18 inch balloons. It’s pretty warm in our studio these days, so it wasn’t long before Kitty stripped out of her costume, showing off her perfect legs and nice ass. Trust us, they look even better when draped over these tightly inflated balloons!