Monthly Archives: June 2008

Alice’s Vibrator And Balloon

alice's vibrator and balloon
Our latest clip from Emmas Balloons features the sexy Alice using a balloon to enhance the pleasure she receives from her vibrator. Alice, wearing a crotchless red fishnet body suit, starts by running her vibrator over the aqua crystal balloon as she tries to find the perfect placement. With the mouth of the balloon in the perfect position, and her hands working with it, the vibrator makes a low hum against the latex. Towards the end Alice holds the balloon in place with her hands and feet, keeping the neck against her naughty bits. By the time she reaches her climax she’s begging for more balloons!

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Adele’s Water Wings!

Adele's inflatable water wings

Sexy Adele returns to Frisky-Business in a great new clip. She starts off slowly inflating a water wing by mouth. With her ruby red lips, she takes each valve in her mouth and slowly inflates the water wings. As you know, when Adele does something slowly, it’s sexy as hell! She lines up the first three that she inflated so that the painted smiles are staring at you. After filling the fourth one, Adele begins to deflate all of them, using various parts of her body to help the process as the air slowly hisses, emptying from the pool toys.

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Thanks TWISTY9!

member appreciation pictures
It’s member appreciation day at Feet And Balloons and we’re taking the time to thank TWISTY9. We’ve enlisted Atish and her pretty size 5’s to pay tribute to TWISTY9. This photo set is sure to delight all foot lovers, but as the name on the balloon will tell you, this is especially for TWISTY9!

Alice’s Cigarette Holder

Alice smokes using a cigarette holder with her balloon
Alice is back at Smoke And Balloons this week. Her first time using a cigarette holder, Alice tries it out while inflating her balloon. Once the cigarette is finished, and the balloon full, she ties it off and pops it with her lighter

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fan pics

It’s member appreciation day at Balloon Bounce, and this week’s featured member is GARETH3DFX. We hopes he likes these pics we shot of Scarlette’s ass on his balloon, she’s smokin’ in that polka dot bikini. Thanks GARETH3DFX, we sure do appreciate you being our member! 

Adele’s Slow & Sexy Blow To Pop

Adele's sexy blow to pop
The very sexy Adele returns to Blow to Burst in a great new clip. She takes a dark red balloon and starts by stretching it out. Then she wraps her red lips around the mouth of the balloon and slowly starts to inflate it. She wets her lips and uses them in the most incredible way to tease and enjoy the balloon as she continues to blow. The balloon continues to grow until Adele marvels “it’s almost as big as I am”. As she continues to use her breath to expand the balloon, you can tell she’s struggling. Finally, when it looks like Adele’s almost had enough, it’s the balloon that gives up first!

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Beach Ball Blow

Beachballs and airmat at the beach
Anais returns this week to Frisky-Business in a new photo set. In this set, she sits down in a tank top and panties with high heels and sexy glasses and sensuously inflates a Barbie-themed beachball. The photo set follows Anais as she begins the inflation with the ball just a heap of wrinkled vinyl. Slowly she wraps her lips around the valve and inflates the ball. The smooth texture of the tight beach ball is evident in the last pictures as her hand cradles the ball and her smile surrounds the valve. By the end, you can also see Barbie smiling on the side of the ball, too.

FOUND! Never Before Seen Pics Of Maya!

vintage pics of balloon model maya
I was digging through the Emmas Balloons vault of older material, and guess what I found? Vintage shots of Maya! I shot these pics of her back in 2003, and they’ve never seen the light of day, until now. Even five years old, these pics are timeless!

Wild Bum Bouncing

Kitty is wild when she's bum bouncing on balloons

Like wild ‘n crazy bum bouncing? Kitty is back at Balloon Bounce this week in a non popping clip. For those Balloon Bounce fans who have never seen Kitty, you’re in for a real treat! In this latest clip, Kitty bounces on an orange 40″ Tilly and does so with reckless abandon. She bounces so hard that she flies high in the air, lifting the Tilly off the ground when she does. The sounds her skin makes against the balloon are an extra bonus to watching her superb ass pressing into the balloon and popping up off of it. The strength of the balloon supports Kitty, even though she almost seems determined to pop it with the strength of her ass. Nobody bounces like Kitty does, and after watching this clip, we think that you’ll agree this girl is absolutely fearless!

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