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A Review of by Dogtowner

Smoke And Balloons: The Site! If you are into women who both smoke cigarettes and who enjoy balloons, this is THE site for you: It’s devoted entirely to what appear to be IRL smokers, interacting with balloons every way imaginable. Roughly 50-50 on popping/non-popping, so, there’s a lot for all preferences here: poppers, non-poppers, and those who waver somewhere in between… The models: Great deal of variety here, even among the “regulars”… A couple are borderline BBW; most are slender to normal, ALL seriously cute with a couple who are downright beautiful, and NONE seem to be “artificially enhanced”. There are blondes, brunettes, reddishheads, a black, a couple of Hispanics, maybe one who has a bit of the Asian blend in her genes… Even a couple of Goths. Variety of cigarette lengths and brands, even a few cigars and cigarillos. Not my cup of tea, but again, something here for just about everyone.

Balloons: INCREDIBLE variety of shapes, sizes, colors, even some Mickey Mouse ears (which Maya is wonderful with)… in the past, S&B was criticized for occasionally using “second hand balloons”–looked like they’d been around for a while–but, good news, the newer material features fresh, tightly-inflated balloons (or balloons that are GOING TO GET tightly-inflated… sometimes, just a little too much… LOL).

Nudity vs. non-nudity: again, roughly 50-50. Everything from fully-clothed, regular “girl next door” clothes, very natural; to exotic or girly underwear; to full nudity. Some newer vids and photo sets feature actual costuming and set dressing; VERY nice. I like the other more “natural” shoots; but this new development is a welcome addition.

Content: the photo sets are generally LARGE, covering 4-8 pages with about 8-12 photos per page. The pics themselves are large, and high-resolution, at least for me (dial up connection dude here, still). Videos are much improved on newer content–there are several that are over 8 minutes long, and again, production quality is very good. Some of the older content may disappoint newbies to sites; to me, it’s all valuable, shows the evolution of the site, and for sure it’s appreciated that Maya KEEPS ALL the material available for paying members. Believe me, there are some sites that do not. Get it quick or loose it. With S&B, as long as you’re a member, you can pick and choose, ’cause all material is available currently.

Some things I particularly like about Maya and her models: they LOVE to squeak balloons, regardless of whether they end up popping them or not. Most are very good “ciggie teasers”–again whether the end up popping some, all or none. For those who like it, there are one or two, who are rather ruthless poppers: theirs don’t last too long… LoL…

The membership fee is reasonable, especially considering the extensive amount of material that’s there and the improving quality of EVERYTHING… it was a good site in its beginnings, but, it’s getting better and better, and if you’re into “smoke and balloons”, it’s one the very few if only remaining sites that you are guaranteed to see that every update.

Just my fifty cents’s worth; my rating? A+.




A Review of by Gemini

Below is my review of

I have broken down my review into five sections: Content, Balloons, Models, Photography and Overall, each one with a rating out of 10. Remembering that this review is best suited for people who want to join a looner site dedicated to riding content and I’m basing it on estimates of clips and picture counts vs. DVD content from other websites, since this is the only website I’ve ever been a member of.