Monthly Archives: July 2007

Ballet Slipper Pop

This week at Feet and Balloons Atish is back. Fresh from dance class, she footpops her balloons with her ballet slippers!

Click here for a free preview clip!

Balloon-Guys Update

This week at Balloon-Guys, Punker Johnnie enjoys a whole bunch of larger balloons!

Smoking Member Pix

Here is a set for EMIRSAB to thank him for being such a great member at Smoke And Balloons. Thanks from Debby and the rest of us!

Lydiah’s GL700

New to Emmas Balloons this week is Lydiah! We found an old clear GL700 and asked her to pump it up for us. She wasn’t too keen on the inflation, but loved riding and bouncing on it!


BBW Scylla

BBW Scylla bounces on 16 inch Uniques in this week’s video clip update at Balloon Bounce.

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Atish And The Magic Dragon

Amazing Atish gets acquainted with an inflatable magic dragon this week at Frisky-Business. If you have not discovered Atish yet, what are you waiting for?!?!

Member Appreciation Pics

It’s Member Appreciation Day at Blow To Burst. This week’s featured member is BGLNR4LF, and he gets this set featuring Alice. Thanks for being our member!

Mellow Yellow

Kitsune is back at Emmas Balloons this week. Our long haired naked balloon babe plays with an assortment of yellow balloons, including helium, and an Italian blimp.

Here’s a sneak peek!


Brand New Balloon Guy

Brand new to Balloon-Guys is Lyle Monroe. He gave us a touch of quiver the moment he walked in the door at the studio, so we hope you’ll want to see much more of him!

Click here for a free sample clip!