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Fun Free Video

Video clip of three girls and helium balloons

Here is a great little behind-the-scenes clip we shot at Alexxia’s birthday party, where Adele and Kedra were in attendance. A fan sent her a bouquet of helium filled balloons. For those of you who don’t know, Alexxia LOVES to inhale helium and make funny voices. Anyway, the three ladies got together, took a big gulp of helium, and sang Happy Birthday in silly voices. This is a great moment of unscripted fun, and a look at what goes on when the girls think the camera is turned off 🙂

Watch this video for FREE right here FREE Balloon Video Clips!

Kristy’s Balloon Tape Pop

Tape Pop Balloon

Kristy applies a big strip of packing tape to a tightly inflated balloon. After ensuring that it’s affixed securely, Kristy rips it off like a bandaid- and the balloon explodes!

Click here to watch the full clip of Kristy using tape to pop a balloon!

Balloon Popping Peachez

sexy balloon popping video

Have you met Sarah Peachez? She’s been on the web with her own site for a really long time. Peachez recently tried balloon popping (intentionally at least) and said that she “thoroughly enjoyed it.” This cute little blonde pops with a sharp knife, and with her hot ass. You can check out her sexy balloon popping video clips right here

Swim Rings Everywhere!

swim rings in public
We stumbled across this shot today, and just had to share it. Swim ring fans need to find this beach, it’s pretty awesome don’t you think?

Click here to see the big version of this pic!

Condom Blow To Pop

condom inflation
 This isn’t just an awesome clip of one of the hottest women on the planet blowing up a condom with her mouth — this is part of an Olympic event!
Several Miss Universe contestants participated in the Condom Olympics on Friday in the Bahamas, which was set up by Population Services International to raise awareness about HIV infection … and we’re pretty sure it worked.

Miss Australia Rachael Finch is the one credited with blowing up the condom … but you gotta watch the video to see if she had the lung strength to pop it.

Click here to watch the video!

Prince Harry Pops Balloons!

prince harry is a balloon popperWe just came across these shots of Prince Harry during his official visit to NYC, and had to share them with you. In them, he appears to be foot popping and bum popping balloons in public!

See all the pics at here.

Dolphin Hump in Spandex

humping an inflatable dolphin
Our friends at Shiny Dolls sent us over this teaser clip of Lola riding a dolphin, in a shiny spandex bodysuit.

Click here to enjoy the free teaser clip!

Emma Roberts With Balloons

emma roberts with a helium bouquetIn the new issue of Glamour magazine, Emma Roberts recreates an iconic image of Audrey Hepburn with a helium bouquet.

See the larger pic here.

This Week’s Webcam Show

Don’t forget to catch our second member’s only webcam show.
*This week’s balloon babe is Kedra!*
The show will be broadcast on Wednesday June 20th from 7pm-8pm EST
and is absolutely FREE for members of Emmas Balloons, Frisky Business, Blow To Burst, Balloon Bounce, Smoke and Balloons and Feet and Balloons. Just log in to the member area of your favorite balloon site, and follow the instructions to enjoy Kedra LIVE (and did we mention it’s FREE?)