Xev’s Chinese Balloon

Xev tries to blow to burst a chinese balloonXev brought this balloon to the studio and wanted to give it a shot in this clip at Blow to Burst. In the package, it looked very much like the 30-40 inch Chinese balloons we’ve used before, you know- the ones with the spots. It was a similar texture too, very thin latex. Xev started to blow it up and made a good start, but the powder inside it had a really foul taste, and even the design was coming off as a powder. Better to be safe than sorry, Xev decided to finish the job with a hand pump. Well, that didn’t help much, after only a few pumps the damn balloon popped prematurely. No more crappy Chinese balloons for Xev!

Click here for a free sample clip of Xev’s attempt to blow to pop a chinese balloon!