Xev The Angry Smoker

cigarette and balloon
OK you guys at Smoke And Balloons, now you’ve done it. I told Xev that this would be her final scene for smoke and balloons, because I have been flooded with hate mail for her. Seems you guys don’t believe she’s a natural smoker. (Personally, I think she’s just young and has not yet developed the finesse that comes with years of habit). Anyway, she’s really mad now, and shot this clip in response to the letters. It’s not for everyone, she is somewhat abrasive, but she smokes like a fiend in this scene, quickly sucking down a Marlborough Red, and exhaling through her nose! Maybe this clip will convince you that she really is a IRL smoker.  If you do want her back on the site, make sure I know about it!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Xev’s angry smoking