Wild Bum Bouncing

Kitty is wild when she's bum bouncing on balloons

Like wild ‘n crazy bum bouncing? Kitty is back at Balloon Bounce this week in a non popping clip. For those Balloon Bounce fans who have never seen Kitty, you’re in for a real treat! In this latest clip, Kitty bounces on an orange 40″ Tilly and does so with reckless abandon. She bounces so hard that she flies high in the air, lifting the Tilly off the ground when she does. The sounds her skin makes against the balloon are an extra bonus to watching her superb ass pressing into the balloon and popping up off of it. The strength of the balloon supports Kitty, even though she almost seems determined to pop it with the strength of her ass. Nobody bounces like Kitty does, and after watching this clip, we think that you’ll agree this girl is absolutely fearless!

Click here for a quick teaser clip!