inflatable whale

Xev finishes up inflating a blue whale before climbing on and taking it for a great ride in this new clip at Frisky-Business! (Note: the package says that it’s a ‘dolphine’, but it looks like a whale to us)

Click here for a free teaser clip of Xev inflating her whale before taking it for a ride!

4 Responses to “Whale Inflate & Ride”

Omg, Im DYING to know; where did you get that whale?! What brand is it? Can you find it in the states??

Hey Emanuelle,

Could it be that you posted the wrong video in the members area? It’s the clip again from Xev and the big beachball… Would love to see this clip though :-)! Thanks for helping!!

Great catch, sorry about that
All fixed now!

I’m not 100% certain where I bought that one. I’m thinking that I might have picked it up at Loblaws in Montreal over a year ago.