inflatable walrus

Xev rides a blue walrus before popping him with a lighter and riding him flat in this new clip at Frisky-Business!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Xev popping her inflatable walrus before riding him flat!

7 Responses to “Walrus Pop & Ride”

Is this clip available in the balloon clip store?

Note i have posted this here due to not being able to post Against other thread
That’s cool, I understand. Don’t suppose you finished filming the ride down?
That model is too cute and her in white undies being cruel to the beachballs…. Mmmmmm
Some deliberate holes would be good, but no transparent toys! They do nothing for me, but I do love the balls in this clip the most.
Guess I just made a members request 😉

We generally shoot individual clips. If it’s not in the clip, the footage does not exist.

Hi Kal

I’m crazy behind on a lot of things right now, but will get the clip stores updated soon.
(wishing there were 36 hours in a day…)

No prob. Ill keep an eye out for time to time and I am with on the 36 hrs in a day thing work dose not seem to stop. Take care and relax when you can.

Wow wow wow! lucky lucky walrus 🙂 x

LOVE how you can see her naked tits rubbing on the vinyl… love to straddle the walrus behind her and fuck her doggytyle on it.