balloon site updates

Hey everybody- Just letting you know that I haven’t forgotten. I was out of town longer than expected, and then spent the last two days dealing with THIS! Now that I’m back on my feet (so to speak) all of this week’s updates will be posted shortly. I apologize for the delay, but I’m pretty sure you’ll understand. For the record, I hate this stupid cast already (grumble… grumble… grumble…)

10 Responses to “Update Delays”

awww that sucks big time…what did you do?

An um… ATV incident :/

bummer Emma. Get well soon!

Too bad to hear this. Hope you get well soon

Get well soon, Ms. Emma….you are beautiful!

Thanks Jiffy, Kevin, ABC & Vesper <3

Thinking of you Emma. x

Thanks Matt

I am little late but get well soon and take the time to heal properly.

Best wishes to you. Get well soon.