balloon blow bounce and pop

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since we brought you this scene with Talia? In it, she blows up a 17 inch balloon far past it’s intended limits, then climbs on for a bounce. She’s a little nervous about it popping under her and nail pops it (we gave her crap for that), but it’s still a fun clip! Remastered into one better-quality full length scene and available at Emmas Balloons, Balloon Bounce and Balloon Video Clips!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Talia’s blowing, bouncing and popping of a balloon!

4 Responses to “Talia’s Blow And Bounce”

Does this mean you’re running out of new material Emma? Noticed that some of the other sites haven’t been updated in the last week. I Love you still 🙂


Oooohhh this isn’t looking good. :/ (The lack of updates I mean, the clip is awesome!)

I don’t think its the end. It is winter time and the weather up north has not been all that great. Try to keep warm every one.