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Thumb Tack Pop

balloons and thumb tacks

Xev places large thumbtacks between her toes, and manipulates her feet to pop 40 inch balloons with them in this new video update at Feet And Balloons!

Click here for a free sample pic of Xev’s popping with thumb tacks!

Crystal Pinpop

men and balloons
Jonny teases and tortures a bunch of crystals in this clip at Balloon-Guys. He uses a sharp oversized thumbtack to put them out of their misery, with a sharp POP!

Here’s a free teaser clip of Jonny’s balloon pinpop

Balloon Dance

burlesque balloon dance
With 29 balloons tied to her, Adele performs a burlesque style balloon dance in this clip at Emmas Balloons. One by one, our saucy lady pinpops each balloon, until nothing but her tassled pasties are left covering her!

Click here for a free teaser clip of adele’s burlesque balloon dance!

Jamie Vents On Balloons

men and balloons
Jamie came home from work in a bad mood right before shooting this clip for Balloon-Guys. What better way to vent his frustrations, than by taking them out on the balloons we had blown up for him. He uses a giant thumbtack to torture and pop, breaking it in the process and needing a second. He gets out his anger by punching the balloons hard, then popping them all in a fit. Once they’re all gone, he collapses in exhaustion.
Here’s a free teaser clip

Big Beach Ball Pin Popping

big beachball pin popping

You guys loved the scene at Frisky-Business where alice used pins to slowly deflate a big beachball under her bodyweight. Well, we did it again! This time we gave Adele a big frosted beach ball that we didn’t really care for, and had her make tons of little pinholes in it, while riding it all the way flat!

Click here for a free teaser clip!