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Latex Glove Inflate & Nailpop

inflate and nail pop latex gloves

In this new scene at Emmas Balloons, Kat takes a break by inflating colourful latex gloves by mouth. Once they’re tied, she nail pops them!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Kat inflating and nail popping latex gloves!

Glove Foot Pop

foot popping latex gloves

This week at Feet And Balloons, something for the glove lovers! Adele blows up black latex gloves by mouth, then teases and foot pops them, using both her stiletto heels, and bare feet

Click here for a free sample clip of Adele’s glove foot pop!

Latex Glove Popping

latex glove popping
Adele has a blast in this new clip at Emmas Balloons. We gave her the better part of a box of latex gloves (yes, the cheap ones) and let her go to town with them and an old Qualatex inflator, blowing them to bits in rapid succession!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Adele’s latex glove pump popping!

Giant Glove Inflation

inflation of a latex glove
Adele has a fun but frustrating time inflating a black latex glove in this week’s second video clip update at Emmas Balloons. She begins with the zibi, then tries to finish it off by mouth before losing her grip. Clearly annoyed, Adele puts the glove back on the pump, and inflates it till it can take no more!  

Click here for a free teaser clip!

Trini’s Latex Glove Inflation

Trini  wrapped her mouth around the end of this latex glove, and inflated it for this week’s photo set update at Emmas Balloons. While this particular one was a little unsatisfying, we think that gloves make a great substitute for balloons when in a pinch 😉 Next time we’re gonna try it by tying off the wrist, and cutting a hole in the finger as a blow hole.