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Jonny’s Zebra Ride

men and inflatables
In our newest scene at Balloon-Guys, Jonny climbs on a big inflatable zebra and goes to town, thoroughly enjoying the tight vinyl pressing up against him!

Here’s a free teaser clip of Jonny taking a big inflatable zebra for a ride!

Inflatables 4 Sale

buy used inflatables

After dozens of requests, we’ve finally put up a page where you can peruse our old inflatables that are available for purchase. Currently we have items listed that were used by Atish, Scarlette, Adele, Alice and Ruby. While there are only a few right now, more will be added regularly, so check back often!

Click here to purchase our used inflatables!

Adele’s Zebra Ride

zebra ride

Adele takes our zebra out for a naked ride in this video clip at Frisky-Business. She bounces, rides and humps him… HARD

Click here for a free teaser clip of Adele’s Zebra Ride!

Zebra Ride & Deflation

inflatable zebra ride and deflate
Sexy blonde Scarlette returns to Frisky-Business this week in a long clip that features some fun with a big inflatable zebra. Scarlette starts off riding the zebra that’s even bigger than she is, pulling its head, wrapping her legs around its neck and grinding her hips into its back. Then she decides that it would be more fun to deflate it while riding. She continues to grind it into submission between her thighs and under her ass as you hear the air escaping it. Her bodyweight pumps the air out of the zebra, slowly deflating it till it has completely succumbed to her will, and is nothing more than a pile of limp vinyl.  

Click here for a free teaser clip!

Alice’s Inflatable Zebra

 We at Frisky-Business recently got our hands on on one of those big inflatable zebras. We let Alice climb on and give him a saucy ride, which she absolutely loved!