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Where Are The Presents?!?!

reindeer inflatable

Our favourite drunk duo love to get into mischief together. This time at Frisky-Business, they’ve kidnapped a reindeer and have their way with him, in hopes of him revealing the location of their presents!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Alexxia and Adele having their way with an inflatable reindeer!

Christmas Reindeer Ride

christmas reindeer ride

Merry Christmas from all of us at Frisky-Business. Xev celebrates with our big inflatable reindeer, giving him a ride that neither will soon forget!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Xev’s Christmas reindeer ride!

Starla’s Reindeer Ride

inflatable reindeer ride

If you liked that classic clip of Corinne’s zebra ride, you are going to LOVE this new clip at Frisky-Business. It’s Starla’s first time riding an inflatable animal, and we gave her the reindeer to ride. She added a little baby oil, and then went to town like nothing we’ve ever seen before!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Starla’s reindeer ride!

Corinne’s Inflatable Reindeer Ride

inflatable reindeer ride
You probably remember the photo set. Seeing pictures of Corinne with an inflatable reindeer at Frisky-Business *has* to be memorable. Now, we offer up the video. Words won’t really do this video justice. Watching Corinne grind against the helpless reindeer, hearing the squeals, seeing her push its head down into the ground as she grabs its ass and grinds harder just can’t be described. Hearing her moans and talking dirty to the reindeer as she pulls its horns will leave you speechless. Finally, watching Corinne orgasm as she rides her new friend, grabbing its ass and pulling its horns… it’s ok, you can hit “play” again. 😉

Click here for a free teaser clip!

Corinne’s Blow Up Reindeer Ride

inflatable riding
Corinne returns to Frisky-Business in a photo set featuring her getting frisky with an inflatable reindeer. Corinne straddles her new friend, grabbing at the antlers and grinding against it. She reaches back and pulls at its ass, yanking it up in the air as she pushes her own ass back against it. The photo set continues with Corinne grabbing the antlers, pulling the head back and pressing her breasts into the back of its head. Then she pushes his face down into the ground as she continues to have her way with him. Throughout the set, Corinne is having her way with the reindeer, pushing and pulling his head, grabbing his ass, and enjoying the ride 😉

Giant Inflatable Reindeer

Debby loves wildlife! And in the latest photo set on Frisky-Business she proves it by having fun with a giant inflatable reindeer. Wearing a black, spandex bodysuit and bright red heels, Debby does all sorts of naughty things with her new friend. Whether she’s on top, or simply has her legs wrapped around the reindeer, one thing is always constant… she has a smile on her beautiful face. We especially like how her spandex clad ass curves perfectly with the deer’s, both raised high in the air as if they’re begging for your attention. Before she left, she mentioned something about a date to next year’s Christmas party…

Inflatable Reindeer

Alice gets into the holiday spirit(s) this week at Frisky-Business. We hooked her up with this great big inflatable reindeer, and she had a blast trying to ride him, before settling down and getting a little frisky with the big buck 😉