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Maya’s Helium Balloons

maya with helium balloons
Before we switch the site over to nothing but video clip updates, we’d like to share the last of our photosets locked away in our vault. This week we’ve got two smaller sets of Maya that we know you’ll be glad you didn’t miss. So, with out further ado… In our first update this week at Emmas Balloons the busty blonde breaks out four beautiful helium-filled balloons to play with. More coming real soon!

Mina’s Helium Popping

Mina is back in the third installment of her “Cig Pop Revenge” on her boyfriend at Smoke And Balloons! As she sits on the couch, surrounded by his precious tightly inflated 16â€? helium balloons, and waits for him to come out of the bathroom, she grows increasingly weary. It’s not long before she starts to pop the balloons with her lit cigarette. Not only is she fearless, but she seems to be enjoying popping them. She pulls each one down, cradles it in her hands and, while still holding the cigarette between her lips, pushes it into the balloon, popping it! Moral of the story? Don’t keep a sexy smoker waiting!

Feet and Helium Balloons

We’ve got a new photoset at Feet And Balloons featuring Mina. Mina plays with helium balloons, wrapping the ribbon around her bare feet. Eventually she tires of them and nailpops the balloons!


Pink Helium Balloons

Debby is pretty in pink this week at Emmas Balloons, with a dozen tightly inflated helium balloons to keep her company. We love the boots too!


Helium Balloons

Tiny Trini poses in this week’s photo set update at Emmas Balloons with a bunch of pretty crystal helium balloons!


Helium Balloons

Trini’s caramel coloured feet make an appearance at Feet And Balloons this week. Her pretty peds play with a dozen helium balloons, her toes tangling in the ribbons which also bind her ankles together!


Mellow Yellow

Kitsune is back at Emmas Balloons this week. Our long haired naked balloon babe plays with an assortment of yellow balloons, including helium, and an Italian blimp.

Here’s a sneak peek!


Redd’s Helium Bouquet

Helium lovers are gonna go crazy for today’s photo update at Emmas Balloons! Wearing sexy black lingerie with thigh high stockings and garters, Redd enjoys a gorgeous bunch of helium balloons!


Kitsune Pops Helium Balloons

Kitsune briefly studies her yellow 12 balloon bouquet and the giant safety pin she has in her hand, and you just know that they are soon to be history. She starts slowly and hesitantly. Rubbing the soon to be popped balloons across her increasingly nude body, before making them pay, in this new clip available for download today at The Emmas Balloons Clip Store! At first she’s a bit tentative with the pin, making a few faulty stabs at the bight yellow balloons,tied to her so that they can’t get away, and jumping a little each time a one pops. She picks up speed as she nears the end, before slowing again as she savors the last 2 pops of her now tattered bouquet.