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GL-700 Gets Popped

a rifco gl 700 balloon gets popped Our second shorter clip this week at Blow To Burst  is a fun one. We asked Adele to put a used and abused GL700 out of it’s misery. She gets to work with the Zibi and prepares herself for a huge BANG. Sadly, to everyone’s surprise the thick Rifco popped prematurely. Clearly Adele was disappointed, but it sure was fun to watch it surprise her!

Click here for a free sample clip!

Atish’s GL 700

Atish's gl700 balloon
Sexy Atish is back at Emmas Balloons in a photo set that features her playing with a giant gl700. Wearing tiny denim shorts, a black bra and incredible high heel boots, Atish jumps right onto the large pink balloon and starts to ride it. As the photos progress Atish moves her beautiful body all around the balloon, most of the time holding it with her arms and legs. She ends up with the balloon on top of her; her legs wrapped around it firmly locking it between her thighs and with a huge smile.  You’ll be smiling too when you see these pics  😉

Celia’s GL 700

In this week’s photo update at Emmas Balloons, Celia tries out a GL 700. While exploring this exceptional balloon, Celia strips down and climbs on top, enjoying the ride even more!


Lydiah’s GL700

New to Emmas Balloons this week is Lydiah! We found an old clear GL700 and asked her to pump it up for us. She wasn’t too keen on the inflation, but loved riding and bouncing on it!


Gabrielle Goes for a Ride

Gabrielle is back with a new hair style at Emmas Balloons! She is topless, wearing nothing but some cute black panties and riding a pretty white gl700 in this new photoset update!


BBW and a GL700!

In today’s update at EmmasBalloons sexy BBW Chachou takes a softly inflated orange GL700 for a bounce!


GL700 Bouncing

In this new video clip at BalloonBounce Ava has a great time bouncing on a soft GL 700! (non-popping)

Click here to view a free preview clip!