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Another Balloon Being Abused In The Shower

balloon in the shower
Hey members of Emmas Balloons, You asked for it, and we’re delivering! Here is another sexy scene of a balloon being put to use in the shower 😉 In this clip, Ruby lathers up a slim jim till it’s soapy and slippery, then has her way with it!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Ruby getting frisky in the shower with a balloon!

Debby Masturbates Against A Balloon

balloon masturbation
Debby discovers that a big balloon can be the perfect place to get frisky with her fingers in this new clip at Emmas Balloons!

Click here for a free teaser clip from Debby’s masturbation against a balloon!

Randy’s Balloon Fuck

men and balloons
In this week’s clip at Balloon-Guys, Randy inflates a Qualatex clear spray with a hand pump, before inserting his cock into the mouthpiece, and fucking the balloon!

Here’s a free teaser clip from Randy’s balloon fuck

Balloon And Vibrator

balloon sex

This is a very popular request at Emmas Balloons, and Alexxia was excited to give it a try. She took a tightly inflated 12 inch balloon, and pressed the end of it against her pussy, while she applied a vibrator to the balloon. Skeptical at first, Alexxia was pleasantly surprised by the results!
Click here for a free teaser clip of Alexxia masturbating with a vibrator on her balloon!

Fingering Fun

fingering herself on a balloon
Lizzie is having so much fun on this big balloon at Emmas Balloons, that she keeps falling off! Not one to let such a silly thing be a mood killer, Lizzie gets back in the saddle, enveloping her body with the latex. Working herself into a frenzy, Lizzie lets her fingers do the walking, till she is simply overcome and can take no more 😉

Click here for a free teaser clip of Lizzie’s fingering fun on a big balloon!

Sexy Inflatable Chair

inflatable chair

Ava finds something about a new inflatable chair to get excited about in this new clip at Frisky-Business. She rubs her body all over it like a cat in heat, stripping off her thong panties so that she may get even closer to it. Ava fingers herself till she is good and wet, then lets her trusty vibrator do it’s job and bring her to a satisfying orgasm.

Click here for a free teaser clip of Ava’s sexy time on an inflatable chair!

Lizzie Masturbates During B2P

masterbation during b2p
Always happy to bring a member’s fantasy to life, Lizzie has a great time in this week’s clip at Blow to Burst. She lies back on a big soft balloon, and inflates a blue crystal until it bursts, satisfying herself at the same time 😉 Thanks jaybirdny for the idea!

Click here for a free sample clip of Lizzie’s masturbation and b2p!

Inflatable Aligator Ride

blow up aligator

Nude Starla oils up our inflatable gator, then takes him for a ride between her thighs at Frisky-Business this week! We’re starting to notice a recurring theme here 😉

Click here for a free teaser clip of Starla’s inflatable aligator ride!

Starla’s Nervous Balloon Masturbation

balloon masturbation
We all know how nervous Starla is around balloons. We had her sit on a soft 40 inch balloon in this new clip at Emmas Balloons. Her apprehension is obvious, but eventually Starla began to trust the balloon, so much that she was able to lie back and thoroughly enjoy her magic wand. Later she confessed that her fear only heightened the experience 😉

Click here for a free teaser clip of Starla’s nervous balloon masturbation scene!