Smoking With A Qualatex Spray

If your mom ever told you to beware a lady in red, you might want to steer clear of this latest clip from Smoke And Balloons. The very sexy, and smoking hot, Kedra lights up a Marlborough Lite 100 as she slowly inflates a red Qualatex spray. She goes from taking drags from her cigarette to seductively wrapping her beautiful red lips around the neck of the balloon. You’ll be hypnotized as she continues to inflate and increase the size of the balloon as she smokes and decreases the size of the cigarette. All the while, she enjoys the feel of the ever-growing balloon against her bare skin in ways simply cannot be described. Now, if you’ve ever seen Kedra before, you know she has a bit of a cruel streak to her. So, stick around until the very end to see how this one ends.

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