balloon ride

Andi rides a 72 inch balloon while it’s being inflated, until it gets too big for her to stay onin this new clip at Balloon Bounce!

Click here for a quick teaser clip of Andi riding a big balloon while it’s being inflated

6 Responses to “Riding During Inflation”

Love it!!! best clip in a long time, fun crazy and while I’m sure it was planned seemed more spontaneous. like it

That was awesome!! More of those would be great!

Is this balloon going to be for sale??

Well??????? A simple yes or no would be nice!

Jeepers- a little patience, or email me directly

Its a rare 72′ they were all sold few months back 🙂 got my hands on some in the nic of time, missed out on some 40′ tilcos though 🙁