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Adele’s Misty Cigarette and Blow To Pop

blow to pop
Adele leisurely smokes a Misty cigarette, while inflating this big orange balloon in this week’s clip at Smoke And Balloons. She finishes the cigarette, but the balloon has much more to go. She continues inflating it by mouth, until it bursts, spewing a big cloud of smoke into the air!

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Adele’s Zebra Ride

zebra ride

Adele takes our zebra out for a naked ride in this video clip at Frisky-Business. She bounces, rides and humps him… HARD

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Adele’s Clear Spray & Smoke

clear spray qualatex balloon
Adele partially inflates a Qualatex spray with a handpump before lighting up an all white 120 Smoke And Balloons. She enjoys her smoke, inaling deeply, then exhaling into the clear balloon. Finally, with a big BANG, Adele cig pops the full balloon!

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Adele’s Clothes Stuffing

adele stuffs balloons in her dress
Our latest clip from Emmas Balloons features Adele stuffing her dress with balloons. She starts off slowly, shoving two into her top and one under the back of her dress, giving her self a buxom figure. After taking a look in the mirror she decides she needs more. Adele has a blast in this clip, trying to see just how many balloons she can stuff into her dress.  Even filling her panties with them, soon her entire dress is filled with the balloons and it can take no more!

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Adele’s Water Wings!

Adele's inflatable water wings

Sexy Adele returns to Frisky-Business in a great new clip. She starts off slowly inflating a water wing by mouth. With her ruby red lips, she takes each valve in her mouth and slowly inflates the water wings. As you know, when Adele does something slowly, it’s sexy as hell! She lines up the first three that she inflated so that the painted smiles are staring at you. After filling the fourth one, Adele begins to deflate all of them, using various parts of her body to help the process as the air slowly hisses, emptying from the pool toys.

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Adele’s Slow & Sexy Blow To Pop

Adele's sexy blow to pop
The very sexy Adele returns to Blow to Burst in a great new clip. She takes a dark red balloon and starts by stretching it out. Then she wraps her red lips around the mouth of the balloon and slowly starts to inflate it. She wets her lips and uses them in the most incredible way to tease and enjoy the balloon as she continues to blow. The balloon continues to grow until Adele marvels “it’s almost as big as I am”. As she continues to use her breath to expand the balloon, you can tell she’s struggling. Finally, when it looks like Adele’s almost had enough, it’s the balloon that gives up first!

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Adele’s Misty Cigarette

Adele smokes a misty cigarette with her balloon
Adele is one of the sexiest smokers we’ve ever seen at Smoke And Balloons. This week she lights up a Misty, and leisurly inflates an 18″ balloon at the same time. Taking care to fill the balloon with many of her exhales, Adele fills it up about 3/4 full before saying goodbye… to the balloon; and deliberately cigpopping it- filling the room with a cloud of smoke

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Adele’s Qualatex Spray

qualatex spray
Welcome back to Blow to Burst! Adele is at it again in an extended clip that features this sexy woman expertly using her mouth to slowly expand a Qualatex spray until it can’t take anymore. She starts off slowly, pulling at the uninflated balloon to stretch it out. She sensuously blows into the balloon, closing her eyes and cradling the balloon with her small hands. She makes sure to take extra deep breaths before each puff of air she sends into the balloon. As the balloon keeps expanding, you see the beautiful colored rings that circle the dep purple balloon. By the end, Adele has accomplished her goal as pieces of the shattered balloon fly all over her.

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Adele’s Balloon Ride

adele rides a balloon
We’re happy to welcome back Adele to Balloon Bounce in this clip that features her and a 16? jewel toned Qualatex. Completely naked, Adele sits atop the beautiful balloon and slowly moves up and down on it. The neck expands and contracts between her thighs as you can see the body of the balloon move up and down with the pressure of her ass. As she continues to ride, the sounds of the latex between her thighs demonstrate just how much pressure she’s putting on it. When she moves around for a better angle, you are able to see just how her body weight has changed the shape of the balloon from round to oval.

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