balloon blowing

In this new clip at Emmas Balloons Brooke stands on an apartment balcony inflating balloons before letting them fly off to freedom!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Brooke inflating balloons outside!

5 Responses to “Outdoor Balloons”

I can’t imagine what could happen watching this in front of my balcony…

GREEEAAATTT !!! But the really hot is to watch her kissing the balloon and tossing up to the air with those hands. That’s the best. Is she tossing the balloon to me ?¿?¿? XD

two of my favorites. Brooke and 16″ imprinted uniques. Great clip!

I´m waiting from now every day, that one of Brooks balloons fly to me. 🙂

me too, specially if she is near to me and I can toss her the balloon again.

lol- you guys are funny