balloon pop

Heather pops mylar balloons in this clip at Emmas Balloons!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Heather popping mylar balloons!

8 Responses to “Mylar Balloon Pop”

That is hot as hell. Please put all your mylar stuff on clips4sale. for me to buy

It’s cheaper for you to join the site

Will you be putting up more mylar videos. I have all the old clips and I’m not interested in latex. So the site would be a waste if you didn’t put up more mylar videos.

Eventually, but members are my priority, not c4s so you could be waiting for some time. You might also want to check out

Can understand that. If you do 2 more mylar clips I will join. If not I will wait till they are on your clip store. Thanks for all you do Emmanuelle

you should have either Xev or Heather play with some of the larger ones until they pop. the shaped ones. please?

I would love to see brooke make out with hwr reflection in a cluster of 36″ stars or rounds. Kinda like the ones Xev inflated and rode a while back. She could also get turned on enough to ride them all too… just a thought

Can you do larger mylar balloon poppings?