buy used inflatables

We’ve just got our hands on a few more of the inflatable ponies that were very popular a few weeks ago. Only $15 plus shipping, click the link below to get one for yourself!

Click here to purchase our new and used inflatables!

2 Responses to “More Inflatable Ponies”

I wouldn’t be quite that ccyanil, Larue.True, the two sides have nothing to do with us, per se. We will have the same issues to deal with whether it’s Ahmedinejad or Mousev. But it isn’t about us It’s about the people of Iran protesting their government. Whatever differences we have with the Iran government, whatever we may think of a vote based theocracy type of government, I think it’s appropriate to pay attention to the people under it. They want Mousev, they feel Mousev is the better choice (and the whole issue of voter fraud is pretty clear) and they’re getting killed in the streets for it.So, for that, I support the people and their choice, even though it doesn’t mean much between our respective governments.Any government should be good for at least its own people