Italian Blimp Inflation & Fake Pop

adele inflates an italian blimp
Sometimes an Emmas Balloons clip defies description. However, we’re going to try our best. Adele sits in front of a pump and fills a pink Italian Blimp part of the way. She stops and decides she wants to do the rest herself. So, she places the giant between her legs, wraps her lips around the mouth of the balloon and continues to inflate it, using only her mouth! As she continues to blow, the blimp continues to grow. It almost dwarfs tiny Adele as she has to take a couple of tiny breaks because it gets a bit taxing. By the end of this clip everyone will be out of breath!

Please note: This clip was intended to be a genuine blow to pop clip, but it seems that Adele faked the pop with a hidden pin when we weren’t paying close attention. Thus, we are only calling it an inflation clip, and hope that you will enjoy it regardless!

Click here for a free teaser clip!