blow to pop inflatable

Andi thinks she’s gonna b2p this inflatable tiger in this new clip at Frisky-Business, Silly girl!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Andi trying to b2p an inflatable tiger!

4 Responses to “Inflatable Tiger B2P Attempt”

Thanks for the effort tho… bouncing on them to stretch them then filling more air makes it a lot easier but takes much longer.

Oh you tease! LOL. I’m dying for some B2P by mouth videos. Phantom is right tho…that also works….you’ll notice it starts to get easier to blow once its began to stretch.

Glad you appreciate the effort 🙂

Oohhh! Reason to renew my membership….
She didn’t just give up as soon as the air pushed back. Nice and tight no wrinkle:)
My 2 cents would be to remove the safety flap, this will make blowing it up easier and keep a compressor handy to inject some air while teasing. My girlfriend easily blows 2 pop the 36″ intex tubes after I remove the flap, you can buy some at target now that they’re in Canada.