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Ruby’s Boot Pop

boot popping latex balloons

Ruby speaks to her balloons, demanding that they step up to be popped in this new clip at Feet And Balloons! There is no escape, so take it!

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Ruby’s 24Q

big 24Q balloon
Ruby is pretty cocky about her ability to blow to pop this 24Q in the beginning of this 20 minute clip at Emmas Balloons. After blowing for what seems like forever though, she’s not so sure of herself anymore as the balloon gets the best of her!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Ruby and her 24Q balloon!

Ruby Pinpops A Balloon Cluster

balloon cluster
Holding a balloon cluster in one hand, and a 4 inch pin in the other, Ruby teases her audience, and pops all of the balloons in this new clip at Emmas Balloons!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Ruby pinpopping a balloon cluster!

Ruby’s Inflatable Whale Ride

ruby's inflatable whale ride

Ruby climbs on top of our very tightly inflated whale in this video clip at Frisky-Business. The ride she gives him is not one he is likely to forget anytime soon!

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Ruby’s Nail Popping Tease

nail popping balloons
Ruby loves to tease! In this week’s clip Emmas Balloons, she teases us by threatening to nail pop some 40 inch balloons. She know’s it’s killing us, because we’re never quite sure when they’re going to pop.

Click here for a free teaser clip of Ruby’s nail popping tease!

Ruby’s Inflatable Dragon Deflation

rubys inflatable dragon deflation

Ruby has a little fun this week at Frisky-Business with a green dragon. She unplugs him and uses her bodyweight to squeeze the life out of him. Turn up your speakers to hear the hissing as she teases us by pinching the valve!
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Ruby’s Bumpopping

bum popping balloons in shiny tight clothes

This seems to be the week of super long clips! In this week’s whopping 16 minute clip at Balloon Bounce, Ruby tackles ten 16 inch balloons… with her butt. One after another, she bounces on them, using a springy bed to make the task more difficult. Her natural reactions and laughs make this clip a classic!

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Ruby’s Foot Pump and Pop

balloons foot pumped and popped

This week at Feet And Balloons, Ruby tackles three 16 inch crystals with a foot pump and her bare feet. One by one she inflates a balloon with the footpump till it’s full, ties it off, and pops it with her bare feet!

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Ruby’s Balloon & Vibrator

balloon and vibrator
If you remember the last clip featuring Ruby, a vibrator and a balloon, then you’ll love this latest clip from Emmas Balloons! Ruby returns with the same vibrator, but a much larger balloon. Wearing red fishnets and heels, Ruby places the large yellow balloon between her thighs and turns on her vibe. Pushing the balloon deeper between her thighs, and pressing the vibe against the balloon, Ruby quickly begins to moan in pleasure. As she claws at the balloon with one hand she keeps the pressure of the vibrator on the balloon with the other. Soon she can’t take it anymore and has a thunderous orgasm that causes her to drop the vibrator and squeeze the balloon with her calves.

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