inflatable beachballs

Brooke challenges herself to see how many beach balls she can inflate in 6 minutes in this new clip at Frisky-Business!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Brooke racing the clock while inflating beach balls!

7 Responses to “How Many Can She Blow Up?”

Authentic professional. No words to describe. Just more than perfect.

Thanks a lot !

gtl is right! Brooke Great job baby. Looking good. more beachball videos the better.

for me all videos in frisky business should be about Brooke, blowing up beachballs with that great style, blowing up swimrings and wearing them into her body, … I like so much this girl, but I know really there are another users who should be satisfied too with other themes, but Brooke is looking with an impressive body as the best models.

Thanks a lot !

I want her!!! she is sooo sexy!!

specially, I would like to watch this girl, if it’s possible, arriving to the pool,or beach,sitting on the towel and wearing just a bikini, begin to blow up a beachball (specially 24″size or bigger) by mouth until full size. then, blow up a clear swimring to get into and go to the water to play with another girl with inflatables, tossing up the ball, inflating it again, pressing between her teets, climbing, tossing up the ball softly, all to play !

yet another great idea from gtl..

the picture from this video says it everything. Impressive scene !