Hoppity Hop Bounce

hoppity hop bounce
Kitty appears at Frisky-Business this week, to fulfil a very popular member request! Ya ya, I know, this hoppity hop is a little smaller than we want it to be, but tiny Kitty seems to have no problems wrangling this 18″ hopper. She sits naked on it and bounces hard, up and down on the ball. You can hear the sounds it makes as her tight ass presses into it and bounces off of it as her legs help push her up and down. Her small natural breasts bounce up and down and side to side as Kitty continues to have a fun time bouncing on her hoppity hop! This clip has it all… great action, great angles, great sounds, and a great girl!

P.S. Does anyone know where we can get a 30″ space hopper?

Click here for a free teaser clip!