feet and balloons

In this new clip at Feet And Balloons Raven & Holly discover that foot popping helium filled mylar balloons is tougher than when they’re simply filled with air!

Click here for a free sample of Holly and Raven heel popping helium filled mylar balloons!

6 Responses to “Helium Mylar Heel Pop”

Love all the mylar stuff lately. Love your work Emma. Been a fan all the way back to maya, luna and you.

Emma I want to join your site again. If I join Emmasballoons do I get access to the other sites where there are mylar clips?

Hi Jman, thanks for thinking of us again. We keep our prices low but separate, so that we can give people exactly what they want and only that. For example- often the smoke & balloons crowd has no interest in feet & balloons. Feet & Balloons is our lowest priced site. Alternatively, you can wait until the clip is available for individual download. We try to let members enjoy the material for a while first though.

Thanks Emma for answering my question so fast.

Where can I find the individual clips. I’m going to join emmas but there are some older clips on your other sites I want

Go to http://www.balloonvideoclips.com