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Over the last few years I’ve experimented with individual clip downloads versus site memberships. I’ve found that over the years, many people simply prefer to download single clips, with a one time fee in the $5 range, and others still enjoy the traditional membership system, where they get access to hundreds or thousands of clips for about $20. I always thought that people get much better value from site memberships, but they obviously don’t appeal to everyone. Now I want to hear your thoughts on the matter. Please stay on topic, this isn’t the place for gripes and complaints, I’m just looking for real discussion so that I can make things better for everyone.
If you prefer individual downloads, I’d like to know your preference in terms of format (pc/ipad etc), and whether you prefer to get your clips from somewhere like C4S or our very own Balloon Video Clips and why.
Thanks in advance to everyone to taking the time to contribute!
Comment away 🙂

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I would say is a few things i noticed. The memebership if its $21 for one site then its not worth members signing up to each site as they might only get a few clips they like from each. if it was $21 for all your sites then it would make members happy. It depends on what the membership list is like compare to how many downloads. i myself would not use clips4sale as i dont like the studios much on there.

one thing i would recommend is increasing the videos length for previews as the title takes up more of the video time so its hard to make a inform choice. Really a 25 second preview or 30 seconds would be better as it would show people real choice and a chance to see if the video is better.

I still prefer the old subscription model, mainly as you can wait a few months til there are four or five clips you want then join for a month to get them cheaper than buying individually from clips4sale… And if a clip turns out to not be to your taste then there are plenty of others available to try.

I do buy from the C4S stores, but not unless the descriptions and samples are clear about what the clip is – some can be very ambiguous. The difference between bouncing until it pops and bouncing until she sticks her fingernail through it for example…

Agree with the above comment. Paying for a subscription for many clips is great value but it’s a pain having the clips specified to different subscriptions. I get that it’s different content, but why not tweak the fee and put all your content on one site? Offer a range of prices for subscriptions?

I want a b2p challenge vs xev or brooke

I just didn’t know you were still excepting new members. I have a tough time signing up for meberships after getting burned a couple times. As long as I know your legit I’ll sign up. I guess an improvement would be to update the images on the websites maybe?

accepting not excepting, ah you know what i mean

I agree with “M”

longer previews should definetely be a consideration

personally prefer individual clips then becoming a memeber.

would love to see ava again if there was any possibility, or at least more non pop sex/ride clips like what she did!



Yea like some people mentioned the membership for one site is not that expensive but once you sign up for others cost starts to add up. Some sort of bundling would be great, like like pay for 2 get one free. ( 1 for 21, 2 for 32, 3 for 43).

Personally i have to go with individual downloads. I pretty much only enjoy clips with fitness balls and those are so few and far between (at least compared to balloons or other inflatables) that a membership just wouldn’t be worth it without waiting a year between each subscription.

I much prefer membership. But I’d rather see all types, BTP, feet & smoking under one site rather than split up into 3 or 4. I think the reason that people buy individual clips is to get the few they want and they just happen to be on 3 or 4 different sites which would cost almost $100 to sign up to. If you moved them all under the EmmasBalloons site, I think you’d see a lot more sign ups. New girls now and then wouldn’t hurt, either.

I’m a membership kinda guy, even though it’s only in my mind, being a member of the site makes everything seem more personal. All I can say is, keep up the good work, and keep em coming !

It makes more sense for myself to buy them individually on C4s. I was a member for years @smokeandballoons, and even with that small of a niche, the clips would often not appeal to me. I can now preview a clip and buy if I like. Probably spend 10% of what a membership costs annually, and I don’t have to gripe about the content; I either like it and buy it, or don’t.

rethinking about this over my coffee (not much else to think about) most the websites apart from this one seem to have any update done to them so they look like they did years ago.

I still prefer c4s.

Sign up is good value but i normally sign up and stay a member so long as “my fetish is meet”.
each month I might get 1 clip that ticks this box, but not always. Several updates in a row where I am not satisfied and I normally can the subscription.
You update on average 4 times a month, with 1 clip really appealing to me that would be the equivalent of me buying 4 $5 clips just to get the one I want. (Sometimes i like the ones not on target)
In the end I will continue to buy clips the same way i am doing now, I will normally have a membership going and buy 1 or 2 appealing clips every couple of months or no membership and buy 1 or 2 extra clips every couple of months,

if you uploaded panty and beach ball popping at least twice a month i would be a member for life!

Maybe even member request custom clips (within reason) on a member rotation.
I know some of my requests have loosely made it into clips but to have it done the way I like… 😉

And another thing, I know i have mentioned this in the past…. The water marking on your clips always seem to block view from what i want to see. I know I can;t be the only one frustrated by this at times.
Its big, its solid, and its in the way! Can it be moved to the top or made smaller or even more transparent would be better.

Individual clips can work. I hope they can provide hug2pops because it’s underrated.

Please keep commenting guys. I’m reading them, but I’m not going to respond quite yet. Thanks for taking the time!

Combining the sites, or giving a discount for multi-memberships seems to be a bit more logical. Most of the other competitors offer b2p, smoking, feet, bouncing all for a single membership. With the high quality videos and amazing ladies that you have, the site would be more of a success (if possible, it’s great!). With increased memberships, this leads to more money coming in to buy balloons, pay the ladies more for more frequent videos, even get some girls in that we havent seen before.

You could also integrate an auction system, so that if you were wanting to sell off some of the equipment (like you have in the past), you could open that sale for 2 weeks after the video is released. With the clip fresh in our minds, it could possibly make us want to get the used ‘toys’ even more.

And on another note, the balloon-guys site hasn’t seen an update in just under two years, would you consider lowering the price just to access the archives? How many new memberships have you seen for that site?

Mk, my time is up. I’m curious to see what you decide.

What the others said, combine them into a site. And/or offer paypal and the likes, then I’d consider it.

i personally prefer the membership. I may only get a subscription once every 6-12 months and then I would download them all at once!

Okay- Just a few thoughts in hope of advancing this discussion further. I’ve made no decisions either way at this point, nor am I even leaning in any particular direction.

If all the sites were merged into one, that would not mean that the one site would receive 6 updates per week. Possibly two or three, but prices would rise significantly. Our pricing is based on content expense. We’d end up charging $50/month just to cover expenses and even that would be risky while we waited for people to (hopefully) join. I suspect that a lot of people would have trouble swallowing the increase. For example- would a member of Feet & Balloons (who is ONLY into feet & balloons) want to suddenly go from $14.95/month to triple that, just to continue enjoying the content he prefers.

Remember in the late 90s when there were only a handful of balloon sites out there? Some of those big boy megasites that had a million pictures in them tried to capitalize on balloon lovers by including a tiny balloon section, with a few pictures that they had purchased, and were all over the web already. What I, and the other dedicated balloon sites wanted to do was to give you EXACTLY what you wanted, and ONLY what you wanted. You didn’t want access to a million generic porn pics just to get to those few balloon fetish pics. We offered you sites that were nothing but balloons, and members were happy to have their needs recognized and met.

When I opened the additional sites, the point was to take that idea even further, breaking the fetish down into more targeted sub niches. For example, the people that love smoking and balloons, generally don’t really care about bum popping. By opening SmokeAndBalloons, I was able to give that member EXACTLY and ONLY what he wanted- Smoking & Balloons. For the record, there seems to be very little crossover. People seem to have their preferences and stick with them. It’s rare that I see one person join more than two sites.

Obviously, I can’t break things down further, or I’d be trying to maintain dozens of sites. From what I’m reading here, that’s not what you’re looking for anymore anyway. You seem to want everything to be in one place, at one price.

I’m hesitant though, mainly because of the history and spirit outlined above, and potential reaction. Every time I put up a smoking & inflatables clip on Smoke & Balloons, I receive complaints, because the site is Smoke & BALLOONS. Fair enough… But it only builds from there. B2P fans may resent only seeing a couple of B2P clips on a new combined site, and at a higher price. See where I’m going here?

Regarding the watermark, again a bit of a dilemma. If I put it at the top, it will block the model’s face. I’m not sure there’s a good way to satisfy everyone here.

Preview- very good points here, I’ll work on that 🙂 They used to only be 10 seconds in length, but they’re slowly creeping towards the 30 second mark.

Pricing- Offering a variety of options such as ‘join 3 sites for $xx’ is a logistical nightmare. The big boy sites have fancy software to handle this, but it costs hundreds of dollars per month for a bunch of other features that we won’t use. It’s just not feasible I’m afraid. BTW- the sites haven’t had a price increase in years.

For those of you who prefer individual clip downloads, what will it take to get you to use our site more often? Aside from lower prices than c4s (which we already offer) what can we do to keep you happy?

I know some of you get around. Do any other sites offer archives going back up to 13 years? Should I be removing this and just presenting the most recent material like some other sites do?

Re: Ava- Ava moved on with her life a few years ago and will not be modelling again. I loved those long legs of hers 🙂

Re: The outside of the sites- You do the best with what you’ve got at the time. In this case time & money could be better spent on content than on redoing the outside of the sites more frequently. This is why all updates are announced on balloon directory.

Re: accepting paypal- we do accept it but quietly. Paypal would kill both my account and yours if they caught us, so I don’t post it on the sites. I prefer to keep things above board – mostly 😉

okay, that’s it for now, please feel free to respond and to contribute to this dialogue. As has been the case for years, I want to give you guys what you’re looking for!

yeah lets not push the delete button on older content.

What got me to think “Hmm… these appear to be abandoned” was they look exactly like they did a few years ago when I first added them to my to do list and that e-mail news letter sign up thing on the bottom ended up being a link to another page then while I was debating on taking a chance at signing up I saw the ad on here for a few times so I just assumed we were only able to buy clips. I don’t have any solutions to that, it could just be me and my paranoia of money grabs.

I have no complaints as far as content, I like the Emma’s Balloons, Balloon Bounce, Frisky Business, and Blow to Burst videos and never had that moment where I would be like “damn, I just wasted $6.”
I feel dumb now that I didn’t just sign up instead but its all good.

James I am happy that you’re reconsidering. I’m pretty sure that after all these years, we’re beyond being a money grab. We’ve had our ups & downs like any other site, but we try really hard to keep our promises, and have been doing so since 1999

I’ve accessed your content both through website memberships and from purchasing individual clips, and honestly I like having the option of doing both.

Because there are several memberships I would like to have, I usually switch which site I subscribe to. It’s typically one or none at a time. When I don’t have a membership, or I’m in the mood for something different, I browse individual clip sites, and something usually strikes my fancy. Either way, I end up spending about the same amount every month. In a way, I have that budget to make sure I continue to support your profession even as distribution channels are changing. You can’t keep doing what you do if we don’t keep feeding you for doing it.

I would value memberships more if I felt that they granted membership into a community rather than simply access to a file archive. For me, the way to differentiate a membership from an individual clip sale is to keep the communication going in both directions.
But I still like having the option of purchasing a clip from you here and there when I have a membership elsewhere.

Hope the feedback helps. I’m a huge fan of your work. And by “your” I do mean to include everyone involved.

I myself prefer the monthly membership.I cant afford to be here every month but I do return as often as I can.This site has been around for a long time and still offers some great clips so I pay when I can.
I think the longer previews will get you a few more members

Thanks for all great videos for all these years.
Some of the girls are fantastic

there’s no clear answer in my eyes, if I join a membership site its not a long term commitment I download what I want from what is currently available, for individual clips its based on their content, some C4S stores I’ve only ever brought one clip, this isn’t because its bad, but because there is nothing else of interest… in my opinion their isn’t enough sex in balloon clips/videos, so I look for ones that have…

I’d prefer the membership model, with high quality movies, the value is incomparable, please keep the good old bussiness model! ;-D

Hey all. I would like to put my two cents in.

We have to remember that what emma say’s is true. She would have to raise the prices for one mega-site, but it would be worth it.

Think about the fact that we have some great models, who enjoy themselves, but need to make a living as well. They are well paid and obviously are happy to be around. You really dont want us to be forced out by those cheap russian models with no personality, right?

My proposed suggestion is this:
Keep the individual sites and clips for sale, but perhaps create two new mini-mega sites

One perhaps called Absolute popping, which features all popping clips. This includes, bum smoke, frisky, emma’s et all

and another

Perhaps Poppers annonymous (hah)
where all non-popping clips are placed.

I believe a slight increase (say 10-20$) in price would be valid, but perhaps not such a huge increase?

I do understand that having such a specific fetish can become difficult because it is not like you can go out and buy good quality balloons for cheap. Then you need to remember that we need to supply the girls with balloons as well for your pleasure. That price gets high. Then there are things like production costs and equiptment.

To me, the fact that you are getting such great content at the same price I pay for two packs of cigarettes is really not something to talk about.

I am sure, that if you like us as much as you say you do, and want everything you like in one spot, you would be willing to forgo 4 starbucks latte’s a month to keep everything running.

I used to be a member to your site, however it has been a while since I renewed. I’m a fan of nail popping and I haven’t seen many updates lately containing much nail popping.

In the past, I have downloaded some outstanding clips of the girls nail popping large balloons…please keep that in mind for future updates and you’ll have me hooked again. Thanks

I would recommend keeping Frisky Business out of a balloon-based mega site, especially with the increased prices – remember, not everyone has a fetish for balloons /and/ inflatables!

I have not got a chance to read all response but I think things should stay the way they are. If everything was merger together a lot of us would not be able to keep our memberships. That would really suck cause Emma you guys listen to the audience and for me that speaks volume and would like to thank you for doing so. Xev I agree with you. I look forward to more of you content.

Me again, just want to comment on a few things.

Xev’s idea about mini-mega sites is actually quite good. Combining everything into one site is a bit excessive, so this is where the multi-memberships comes back into it. Tim said in an earlier post “Some sort of bundling would be great, like like pay for 2 get one free. ( 1 for 21, 2 for 32, 3 for 43).” And i think that idea has some merit. Everything stays the same as it is (memberships and individual clips), but all it takes is someone on the back end of the site to add an extra feature for the owner to allow ‘customization’ memberships. To me, this seems a way to please everyone.

Another thing, seeing Xev post on this discussion kind of made me feel like I am getting a more personalized service. For her to reply on here, she did that in her own time, and that’s commendable. If there was a way that you could integrate some sort of interactive / more personalised area to the site, you could boost numbers significantly. Maybe like an extra page dedicated to a forum, a chat window or something.

And finally, and im scared to admit it, but am i the only one that thinks the balloon guys site could be cheaper since there are no more regular updates?

PS: Xev, your definitely my favorite, and have been for years.

Oh, and a behind the scenes clip of before and after would be pretty cool, like a making of video special or something

I prefer membership. And i hope for the future, there will be new used inflatables in the shop. 🙂
Long time ago there was an update…

Speaking from someone who likes inflatables, beach balls tubes etc. The only reason I’m not frequenting the membership or c4s site of frisky business anymore is simply because your girls never fully inflate the toys. They give up when they get to the best part and always leave many wrinkles on the toys(only 80% full). Perhaps some pump2pop of the toys for a change instead of the toothpicks and knife pops. bring out the compressor and also a little role playing never hurt. Your competition on c4s are doing it. build some stories into it, your girls come across as very robotic. I love your site and I hope you can bring in some new exciting stuff. I would rather have a membership then pay per clip as I almost never get what is described on c4s, I have to say your more honest about what your selling and I appreciate that.

I like Xev’s idea of one site dedicated to popping and one for non-popping. Cool. Actually, a “blow to pop” site would rule…and then continue with the pay-for-a-clip method. When it comes to this stuff, I think people are really specific…kind of how cats are with food. lol

Keep the beachball inflation coming!! Is there such a thing as blow to pop beachball scenes???
That would rock.

Thanks for everything! You guys are the best!!

Whew- that’s a lot to read. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to chime in, and I know that we all really love the compliments- they’re a welcome break from the hatemail that seems to come in far too often.

Just an update, because this discussion seems to be getting off track.
While I understand that everybody wants to save money, (I do too); some of the ideas presented just aren’t practical at this time. Time and budget are already stretched to the breaking point. Something has to give here in order for us to continue. What this means is that adding sites, offering discounts and increasing content just aren’t the kind of ideas I can implement at this time. I can’t commit full time hours to this anymore, when there isn’t full time membership to pay for everything. Thanks to the people who steal and share, revenue is lower than ever. The models haven’t had a raise in 3 years. If I’m going to continue, we need to adapt and cut the expenses and workload or raise prices.
Can we please get back to the original questions? I’m still waiting to hear from you about download format too.

thanks again 🙂

I would like to see Adele come back for more big balloon videos….Such as ride to pop or inflate to pop….She’s very well missed! I enjoyed her videos and her style of popping! Especially, her GL-1200L inflation with the old Qualatex inflator…That was amazing!

I go for single clips, and get from C4s. I’d also agree with longer preview clips if possible and as for formats I’m happy with avi.

Hi Emma,

First, thank you for this promo offer. It is much appreciated. A couple of weeks ago I saw a posting on BalloonDirectory regarding how your sites are currently run, suggestions for improvements, etc. Unfortunately, I was unable to respond due to business travel. If I may, let me throw my two cents in.

I think you have some of the best run specialty sites available today. Excellent quality, frequent updates, etc. I don’t think that there are any easy answers to your question as you will never be able to please everyone. Personally, I think the way your sites are run provides the customer the best value for the money. You can choose from the site that best suits your liking and have the option of purchasing individual clips from your clips site (which I much prefer to Clips4Sale).

One thing most people need to realize is that you are running a business and with any business come expenses, which continually increase. I think a modest increase in subscription fees would not be out of order, say $3-5 per month. If said increase was presented with the understanding that the subscribers additional costs would help pay for new or more models, longer clips, etc it may be easier for the consumer to accept. Another thought to help defray some of your costs would be to solicit balloon contributions from members. Finally, have you given any thought to offering custom made videos to subscribers? Again, just some ideas and my input to ponder. Whatever decisions you make, please know that I have been and continue to be a very satisfied customer.


I have a fetish for shiny and see-through PVC, which includes inflatables and raincoats. For some reason (and I have decided to accept my fetish rather than seek a psychologist), I find the tactile and sensory qualities of shiny, transparent (see-through), soft, rubbery PVC in bright colours to be sexually stimulating. I love the noise made by PVC inflatables and raincoats- those creaks, rustles, crackles and pops.

It wood be great if you could include more non-popping videos featuring a wider variety of PVC inflatable items, such as:

Inflatable chairs/couches:

Transparent PVC inflatable ‘bubble beds’:

Inflatable PVC bubble backpacks.

Gigaballs/Cupid’s Love Pod:

Clear PVC inflatable water-walking balls/dance balls/bondage bubbles:

I would love to see the models wearing noisy, shiny, rubbery and see-through (transparent) PVC raincoats as they ride or inflate their PVC inflatables! The creaks,crackles, rustles, pops and squeaks made by a PVC inflatable and PVC raincoat combination add to the fun!

Can you guys do blow to pop videos dealing with character shape balloons (ie. Tinkerbell, Dora ) and do blow to pop with sex dolls