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balloon sites

Over the last few years I’ve experimented with individual clip downloads versus site memberships. I’ve found that over the years, many people simply prefer to download single clips, with a one time fee in the $5 range, and others still enjoy the traditional membership system, where they get access to hundreds or thousands of clips for about $20. I always thought that people get much better value from site memberships, but they obviously don’t appeal to everyone. Now I want to hear your thoughts on the matter. Please stay on topic, this isn’t the place for gripes and complaints, I’m just looking for real discussion so that I can make things better for everyone.
If you prefer individual downloads, I’d like to know your preference in terms of format (pc/ipad etc), and whether you prefer to get your clips from somewhere like C4S or our very own Balloon Video Clips and why.
Thanks in advance to everyone to taking the time to contribute!
Comment away 🙂