inflatable whale bounce

In this new clip at Frisky-Business Debby is tasked with inflating two giant swim rings. The first she tries by mouth, then by mouth with an adapter before enlisting the help of a pump. While that one gets nice and big, Debby inflates the second ring simultaneously!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Debby inflating a pair of giant swimrings!

4 Responses to “Giant Swim Rings”

Hi, it’s comming summer and I want to suggest: Is it possible to watch a video about Brooke wearing a bikini, near a swimming pool with Debby, and Brooke blowing up the clear and orange beachball while Debby is blowing up a blue ring ? then they come together into the water and begin to play with inflatables, Brooke blow another beachball, Debby toss up the balls… ? thanks a lot !nice work !

Sorry, we can’t handle this at this time.

please pop the big mattress with high heels!!! xD greetz

Please inflate the big matrass by mouth