inflatable duckie

Miel has a naughty streak that reveals itself as she stabs and flattens this cute giant duckie in this new clip at Frisky-Business!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Miel stabbing and flattening a giant yellow duckie!

13 Responses to “Giant Inflatable Duckie”

great clip. i would love to see the ducky used again in a 3 girls all bounce to burst it clip.

Um… It was popped in this scene. Not likely to be reused


Wow, would be so cool to have sex on something like that! Do you still enjoy inflatables Emma?

What’s not to enjoy? 🙂

BTW- there is a duck like this new in box for sale at

If I buy it will you keep it and have Brooke and Meil both molest it together?

Is that duck not for sale? Or was it further slaughtered?

It will be for sale soon

Ballsitter- sorry. Getting two models into the same room at the same time is like herding cats. It’s nice when it happens, but it’s a rare and unpredictable event.

Aaw, no overinflation? :/

Why don’t you ask a couple of female students (18+ of course) for that kind of scenes? They’re quite flexible in general..except they’re no professionals like your models probably are.


Please post this video at clips4sale!

It’s available at